Backup Generators For Apartments

Backup Generators For ApartmentsLooking for the Backup Generators For Apartments? You’ve come to the right place.

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The guarantee of having an emergency backup is a relief to have and nearly everything is indulged to have a backup it that particular thing stops working. Same in the case of electric appliances that mainly require a backup option in case of short circuit or electricity unavailability.

Backup generators are much more reliable than those of normal generators as they are built with the capability of surely working in emergency and hour of need.

Other generators work electricity and other means to charge first and then present any output. Backup generators come in various designs, battery powers, working capacity, and charging modes.

It’s sometimes difficult to know which one works better and offers all the options and works effectively. Here are some of the top good backup generators that work wonders.

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For a top pick of backup generators, the following are the things that make up a good generator to invest in. the running time should be checked, choosing the specific voltage capacity, then there comes fuel efficiency, extension cord, and safety measures.

All these features are must-have in any backup generator for easy and reliable use. Westinghouse WH7500E generator keeps up with all the qualities overall and awarded the best pick surely. Westinghouse never disappoints its customers when providing them with quality models.

Backup Generators For Apartments

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Westinghouse Wh7500e:

Westinghouse WH7500EThe startup peak power is 9500watts and working power stands at 76500watts which able the device to help support and charge large heavy appliances like that of fridge, TV, washing machines, etc.

The generator can work at a 25% load for about 11 hours which is more than the traditional generators that work at 50% load for 8 to 10 hours merely.

Its OHV engine has a 420 cc stroke that helps in reducing the noise of it. This can support up to 6.61 gallons of the fuel tank and here it clearly indicates how powerful output can be experienced clearly. The device is easy to use and much more durable.


A number of attractive features are offered by this powerful generator. First, it’s easy to assemble and not just that, it has a push-button to start which also makes its operation quite easy. It offers four outlets for easy charging.

The carriage is easy with tires that can never be flattened and with easily gripped handle. The extra appliances include a tool kit for easy maintenance and a one-liter bottle of oil. This generator promises easy power and high battery efficient work for outdoors as well as indoors.

2.) Champion Power Equipment 42436:

Champion Power Equipment 42436The starting watts of 1500 and 1200 running watts can be produced for 10 hours on gasoline with 50 percent working capacity on a full tank. It is supported by a single-cylinder OHV engine that has 80 cc capacity. It is a spike free generator due to the fact that it has built-in VoltGuard.

The generator also offers cold start technology, which name shows, help in the easy start-up in freezing weather.

The fuel tank it offers is of 1.5 gallons that can store easily a huge energy output. The generator is suitable for small appliances like that of lights, smartphones, irons, microwaved, and televisions.


Despite the fact that it is made of heavy steel interior, it weighs hardly 62 lbs. which further makes it efficient for outdoors like camping. it offers the voltmeter to keep the checks on voltage flowing. This is easy to start, and highly efficient.

Also, quite to use and durable. It only has one power outlet and is suitable for light appliances. The high voltage may affect the device that’s where a voltmeter comes handy. The generator is a good ad fine example of being a backup generator.

3.) Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200:

Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200Fuel efficient motor pf 111cc made it to give it a 2200watts starting power and 1700watts running power. It can work up to 8 hours with only a single tank and continuously. It offers two 120V household outlets that help it charging computers and smartphones.

The generator when compared to the traditional shows the prominent features as it is 38 percent quieter and 45 percent lighter which then makes it handy in camping and other outdoor needs.

It automatically adjusts its engine speed so that fuel can be used effectively. The generator also has a parallel connector which enables it to get connect with other generators in case of more power.


The product offers a low oil indicator which makes the consumer aware that it will be shut down when out of oil. This is an economical product that is affordable, easy to start, offers an attractive design, and quiet to work.

This can be used outdoors but it doesn’t come with in-built wheels so a little less offering of mobility. This powerful generator is a fine investment to make.

4.) Powersmart Ps50a:

PowerSmart PS50A 1000/900 WattsAn ideal generator for electrical emergencies as well as for camping. The starting watts of 1000 and 900watts for running power are supported by its 2HP 2 stroke engine for up to almost five hours at half load on one tank of gas.

A backup generator that is compact and lightweight adds up to the portability of the device and so helps in its increased efficiency.

It is then easy to start and a sturdy device, as it is compact, surely then it will be of good size and so it weighs 39 lbs. It charges up easy smart devices and small appliances. An overall good pick for a backup generator.


It offers an engines On/Off button, three prolong receptacles of 120V, a DC receptacle of 12V, also a voltmeter, and a circuit reset button in case any directions are used to change. It includes rubber pads that give it fine stability on any kind of surface.

Its muffler exhaust system is of 63 dB and also a smooth-running motor which is a complaint by both EPA and CARB.

The machine only back outs when it works, it engine smells the oil out and no such odor removal mechanism is installed in it. Other then that, it makes up to the top 4 list of top-rated backup generators and is a fine investment.

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