Best Hybrid Inverter For Home

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Best Hybrid Inverter For HomeLooking for the Best Hybrid Inverter For Home? You’ve come to the right place.

 Our Top Picks For You… 

The generators having a combination of batteries with solar energy and producing the electricity supply are basically hybrid invertors. These generators perform a lot of tasks so they are heavy in weight.

We can say the combination of solar inverter and battery inverter forms a hybrid inverter. When you use the hybrid inverter you will be entertained with the features of solar inverter and battery invertors at the same time.

You can install any one of the invertors also according to your choice and mood. If you want to purchase any inverter generator then the best decision will be to purchase the hybrid inverter.

 Top Pick… 

Xantrex 815-3012 is one of the best hybrid inverters we have selected for you. This is selected on the basis of its features and customer reviews. The price of this invertor is affordable and it is efficient.

It has the feature to provide the power in very little time it takes less than 10 milliseconds to start and gives the power outage. You can have a further look at its features mentioned below.

Best Hybrid Inverter For Home

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Xantrex 815-3012: (Power Inverter)

Xantrex 815-3012This hybrid inverter generator is the best of all. This generator provides 3000 Watts which is good to run home appliances.

The peak power output produces by this generator is 80 Amp. This device can easily charge the batteries even which low voltage.

This device can work easily in almost every temperature but works efficiently between the temperature of -20 degrees and 60 degrees Celsius. The voltage of this device is 12 volts.

As this device is heavy in weight, the weight of this device is 69.2 pounds but it’s not an issue because this device is not portable. This inverter device is easy to set up.

Its main feature is it can transfer the AC loads to the batteries in a very short time which is 10 milliseconds. When there is a power shortage in the house this device starts to give the power outage so quickly that you will not feel any difference.


The output of this inverter is 3000Watts and the voltage is 12. This device is heavy in weight with 69.2 weights. It starts giving power so quickly even less than 10 milliseconds.

It is user-friendly and easy to set up. The invertor works best in temperatures between -20 and 60 degrees Celsius. The rating of this device is 4.1 stars.

2.) Automaxx 350W: (Light-Weighted)

Automaxx 350WThis is also one of the best’s hybrid inverters that give 350 Watts. It is structured very well the body of this generator is made up of metal and it is easy to cool down because metal conducts temperature.

To cool this invertor a cooling fan is also inserted in it. It has two AC and one USB port in it. AC outlets are used to receive the appliances and a USB port is used for mobile chargers.

This invertor has the facility to set up the priorities according to your choices like what you have to use first AC voltage, DC voltage, or solar power. The weight of this invertor is light which 5.4 pounds are.


This device has a feature to provide power when the voltage is too low or the original power is too high and it protects the devices from damage or short circuit. The output of the inverter is 350 watts.

A cooling fan is present that saves the device to get hot. The weight is light. There is a remote switch to turn on or off the invertor. Two extra fuses are also given with this device. The rating of this inverter is 3.5 stars.

3.) Hybrid Pure Sine Wave Inverter: (Little Bit Expensive)

hybrid pure sine wave inverterThis is a perfect solar inverter you can find in the market. You can run all appliances of home heavy as well as sensitive devices on this invertor like ac, refrigerator, fan, lights, etc.

The output of this inverter device is 2400 watts and the output voltages are 220v. The weight of this invertor is also light. 17.3 pounds is the weight of this device.


This inverter protects the devices from the short circuits and runs all the appliances of your house easily. It protects the invertor from overheating and overloading.

The output watts of this device is 2400 watts and the output voltage is 220v. Its weight is light only 17.3 pounds. The rating of this inverter is 3.32 stars.

4.) Automaxx 1500W 24V: (Less Noise)

Automaxx 1500W 24VThis hybrid inverter device is also made up of a steel body that is easy to cool when it becomes hot. The output watts of this device are 1500 watts which are good enough to start the appliances of the home.

It has a cooling fan inserted in it and the size of the fan is big other than other inverter generators. It has AC outlets and a USB port to charge mobile devices.

It has many protection features in it like protecting against low voltages, high voltages, short circuits, etc. This device has a weight of 20.7 pounds which is not too heavy.


The output of this inverter device is 1500 watts. It has many several safety features that protect the appliances from damage and save the thing from a short circuit. It is user-friendly and easy to set up. The size of the cooling fan in it is big in size.

This device is efficient and durable. The body is made up of steel which is easy to cool down. The weight is not so heavy it’s 20.7 pounds in weight. The invertor device runs for a long period of time. The rating of this inverter is 4.7 stars which is fantastic.

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