Best Inverter Generator For Home Backup

BEST INVERTER GENERATOR FOR HOME BACKUPLooking for the Best Inverter Generator For Home Backup? You’ve come to the right place.

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There are different types of generators you can use when you find a shortage of power in your home. Some generators and stand-by generators, some are hybrid, some of them run on solar panels, some run only on gas while others are invertor. There are many more types of generators you can find in the market.

If we talk about invertor generators there are many features of these generators. They are fuel-efficient and are less noisy. These generators produce clean electric power. These generators are best for sensitive devices like laptops, microwaves, smartphones, etc. these generators are best for home backup.

The following are some generators that are listed with details and features for your help.

 Top Pick… 

If you are confused that which generator will be best for you then we have picked a top pick for your convenience. We have chosen the best inverter generator by having a complete survey and customer reviews. Champion Power Equipment 755337I is our pick-up generator. It is a good portable generator.

This generator is fuel-efficient and the price of this generator is economical. This generator gives the output power more than other inverter generators. The customer rating of this generator is 4/5 which is perfect.

Best Inverter Generator For Home Backup

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Champion Power Equipment 755337I: (Best Overall Pick)

Champion Power Equipment 755337I generatorThe generators designed and manufactured by the champion are always worthy and well structured. This generator is also structured beautifully with the help of iron sleeves which make it strong so you can take it with yourself even in rocky areas.

The running power of this generator is 2800W and the starting power is 3100W.

This generator is efficient for sensitive devices so you can run them without any fear of damage. The run time of these generators is approximately 8 hours when the load on the generator is quarter.

The fuel tank can store up to 1.6 gallons of fuel. This generator is fuel-efficient. The generator shifts its mode in idle mode automatically when the fuel is not in use.


It is a lightweight generator and can easily be move from one place to another. The weight of this generator is 96.6 lbs. This is fuel-efficient.

The power output of this generator is good. Its run time is long. It is user-friendly and produces a clean power outage. It can be started with the help of a remote with a distance of 80 ft. the warranty for this generator is for 3 years.

2.) WEN 56310I: (The Runner Up)

wen 56310i generatorThis generator is affordable in price. This is not only good for home back up you can take it with you for camping, hunting or even it can be used for tailgating parties.

The power output of this generator is good. The running watts of this generator is 2800w and the surge power of this generator is 3100W.

It produces clean power. It is a super quiet generator the noise of this generator is 57 dba. The fuel tank can store up to 1.85 gallons of fuel. The generator can run up to 7.5 hours when the load on the generator is half.


This generator is super quiet. It is light in weight. It can run for a long time. It is fantastic for sensitive devices. A parallel connection kit can also be attached to this generator so you can have double power to run your appliances.

LCD lights are also inserted in it which shows different indicators like low oil, overloading on the generator, etc. To move the generators for your easiness there are wheels and a folded handle so you can take the generator where you want.

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3.) Briggs & Stratton Q6500: (The Power Horse)

Briggs & Stratton Q6500 Quiet Power Series generatorAs the inverter generator provides low power but this generator provides enough power that will satisfy you and your need. The power produced by this generator as running watts are 5000W and starting watts are 6500W.

You can run all small devices and a few large appliances. You can run refrigerators, freezers, tv, smartphones, laptop, etc. the noise of this generator is low.

The fuel tank of this generator is large it can store a good amount of fuel in it. The tank has the capacity to store 5 gallons of fuel in it and can run for 14 hours when the load on the generator is 25 percent. This generator is fuel-efficient and the generator is designed in such a way that you can use it safely.


This generator can run for a long time and the fuel tank is large which can store more fuel. A circuit breaker facility is present in it. The engine cooling system is also present in it. It is light in weight and has wheels and folded handles to move it easily. The startup type of this generator is recoil. It provides clean electricity and it easy to use.

4.) Yamaha EF2000iSv2: (The Most Lightweight)

yamaha ef2000isv2 generatorThis inverter generator is used for indoor homes as well as you can use it for outdoor activities. The weight of this generator is too light. Its feature is 44 pounds only. The noise of this generator is very low.

The level of noise is 51.5-61 dB. This generator is EPA certified and CARB compliant. The size of this generator is small.

This generator works on gas fuel. The size of the tank in this generator is 1.1 gal. This generator can run up to 10.5 hours easily when the load is 50 percent. The power produce by this generator is efficient .the power as the starting watts are 2000W and running watts are 1600W.


This generator is lightweight and fuel-efficient which saves your budget. It has parallel compatible functionality so you can attach more power to run more appliances. The noise of this generator is very low. It is low in price and the speed of the engine is good.

It provides high-quality power and the power produce by it is clean. It has a centralized control feature and easy to start. It has a cold start feature too so you can run it in cold temperature.

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