Best Large Portable Generator

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Best Large Portable Generator

Best Large Portable Generator

Looking for the Best Large Portable Generator? You’ve come to the right place.

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Generators are the best power backup plans when you face an electricity shortage. If you want to run almost all the appliances of the house you should choose the generators that provide enough watts to run them without any worry.

You might want to run multiple air conditioners, refrigerators then you should the large portable generators for your house.

You don’t need to worry about sensitive products you can run them too easily on the power of generators like laptops, smartphones, medical devices, etc. You may find a shortage of electricity at any time and for home, some of the best large portable generators are listed for your convenience.


 Top Pick… 

If you don’t have much time to read the whole article or have a shortage of time then this is the top pick for you from our side.

This generator is selected according to its features and customer reviews and hope it will not disappoint you.

Generac GP17500E Portable Generator is the best large portable generator it produces a good amount of power. 16 circuits can be attached to this machine.

The fuel tank can store 16 gallons of gas and moreover, it is dual fuel-efficient. According to its features, the price of this generator is also affordable.

The price of this generator is not so high and the customer rating is 4/5 which is also good.

Best Large Portable Generators

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Generac GP17500E Portable Generator: (Power Generator)

generac gp17500e portable generatorThis is one of the best large portable generators although it seems light in weight it is very powerful.

It is large in size but has big wheels and a handle by which you can move it easily from one place to another.

This generator provides enough watts that satisfy the customer.

The starting watts of this generator are 26250W and the running watts are 17500W.

A maximum of 16 circuits can be attached with this Best large portable generator. You can easily run an air-condition of 5 tons easily on this large generator.

It means you will not feel any difference whether the main power is coming or not. Your life will be comfortable.

The fuel tank of this generator can store up to 16 gallons of fuel.


The running watts provided by these generators are 17500W. The electricity start feature is present in it. A low oil shut-off feature is also present in it.

The built-in meter is also inserted in it by which you can easily have a check on its working.

It has a feature by which users can lower the noise and can convert the fuel. Its running time is good which is 10 hours.

This generator can be easily be taken from one place to another which the help of wheels. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

2.) DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel Generator: (Light-Weighted)

duromax xp12000eh dual fuel generatorThis is the best generator you can run not only on gas or not only on LPG infect you can use both in this generator means it is dual fuel-efficient.

You can use this generator from home as well as for offices. This generator is also called the BEAST because it provides good power wattages.

The running watts of these generators are 12000w this is why it is called the beast. Its run time is also good it can run up to 10 hours on gas when the load is 50 percent and can easily run up to 20 hours when it’s running on propane when the load on the generator is 50 percent. It is ERP compliant.


It is safe for the machine to have less noise. Its run time is good. it is dual efficient. This generator has safety features and is user-friendly.

It produces clean power. It can be easily used for camping too. A low oil shutoff feature is present in it which means the engine stop working automatically when the level of oil is low.

LCD lights are inserted in it which shows the warning regarding oil, or maintenance.

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3.) Durostar DS10000E Generator: (Little Bit Expensive)

durostar ds10000e generatorThis generator is listed as the best portable generator this model is known as a single power source for many applications.

These generators provide enough power by which you can run your all appliances heavy and sensitive without any trouble.

The starting power produced by these generators is 10000 and running watts are 8000w. This generator runs on natural gas.

The fuel tank of this generator is 8.3 gallons. This generator’s body is made up of metal. It is safe and user-friendly.

It can be moved with the help of tires and can use for camping. The weight of this generator is 260 ponds


This powerful generator has a recoil-style start-up feature. Its noise level is not as much as other large portable generators have.

The noise level is about 72 dba. Its fuel tank can store a good amount of gas in it. Its run time is also good it can run up to 10 hours.

4.) All Power America APGG10000GL: (Less Noise)

All Power America APGG10000GLIt is a good generator of 1000 watts. It works on natural gas and is a portable one. If you are facing a power shortage you can use it as the backup.

It can be used for camping and tailgating parties too. It produces enough power to run not only small devices but also heavy devices without any worry.

It is well structured and has wheels and folded handles which help you to move it in different places.

The starting power generated by this generator is 8000w and the running watts are 1000w. The fuel tank of the generator can store 8 gallons of gas in it. It can run up to 11 hours when the load on the generator is half.


This generator has a good running time. It is fuel-efficient. It has the capacity to store a good amount of gas in it. It has electric startup functionality as well as a recoil start-up system is also present.

The noise level of this generator is 76db. The hour meter is also inserted in it which helps to monitor its functionalities maintenance-free battery is also present in it.

Buying Guide

Portable generators are turning to be more common in the home as a standby power source and are even getting popular in small commercial units with an equal rise in use in the industrial sector.

A large portable generator has enough power to run whole home appliances and is best suited to fulfill the needs at places where power connection is not an option like at construction sites.

Power Calculations:

Power calculations are unarguably the most critical point determining the purchase of a generator and one must give due importance to this point to avoid shortage or waste of energy to run the ideal number of devices that you planned to run on backup power of the generator.

A portable generator can provide up to 17.5 KW of power and therefore you must calculate your power utilization and see what matches your needs.

Size Of Generator:

The size of the generator is actually the wattage that a generator can provide and this could be seen as the maximum power that a generator can handle as the peak workload.

Normally, average portable generators are coming at 6 KW to 8KW wattage size and these are ideal enough to run a small home but as a maximum size, a large-scale portable generator will run 17,500 watts which is good enough power for commercial work.

Multiple Outlets:

Having multiple outlets will allow a generator to split the workload less stress will be placed at the peak potential in this way engine efficiency is maximized and runtime is enhanced.

One recommendation with the multiple outlets is that these must be utilized only in extreme conditions or during camping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Largest Portable Generator Available?

Portable generators are generally lower energy-producing devices comparative to home standby and whole-house generators yet these are powerful enough to do the majority of jobs.

The largest portable generator available in the market is that of 17,500 watts which is critically good enough to run the whole house if multiple heavy-duty appliances are not meant to be run.

Which Brand Of Generator Is The Best?

Generac is the top-rated brand that is best known for its home standby generators and has a massive lineup of power equipment to do a diversity of jobs.

Their portable generators have not achieved a top spot in the market but industrial generators are proving to be some of the most groundbreaking devices.

Will A 22kw Generator Run My House?

Yes, a 22 KW generator is the highest wattage generator that is frequently encountered in the market and is good enough for multi jobs ranging from the home standby power source to construction work and commercial usage and is very good for efficiency and fuel consumption.

A 22KW generator will be able to run refrigerators, ACs, well pumps, and all other home appliances as a backup source.

How Big Of A Generator Do I Need To Run My Whole House?

A typical 8 to 11 Kilowatt generator is good enough to run the whole house and this includes all the home electrical appliances including window air conditioner, well pump, refrigerator, and all other crucial home electrical appliances.

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