Best Propane Generators For Home

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Best Propane Generators For HomeLooking for the Best Propane Generators For Home? You’ve come to the right place.

 Our Top Picks For You… 

Generators are surely a necessity in this increasing global temperature all around the world.

They do help in surviving tough weather conditions like heat or snow in case of electricity shutdown or in unexpected emergencies when there is no way but to have an immediate electric supply.

Generators are now advancing in technologies and are operating through various mechanics and fuels.

Diesel and gas generators are now advanced to the use of propane, which is more stable to use, needs little or less maintenance, and keeps the engine’s life prolong.

 Top Pick… 

The winning champion is none other than the company Champion itself which always proves to be ahead of all its competitors.

They succeed in making model 3800-Watt Dual Fuel generator which is marked best overall in all the categories of having a fine engine, effective performance, and long-life warranty.

The device has reliable feedback and research marks the product’s efficient working.

The generator regardless of efficient performance, the device is a good fit for the pocket in terms of affordability. Reliable and attractive features are described below:

Best Propane Generators For Home

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Champion 3800-Watt Generator: (Top Pick)

Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel GeneratorThis generator has a dual performance mode that can make it work both on gasoline and propane.

The generator has a powerful engine of 420 ccs which when working on gasoline can produce peak watts of 4750 and rated watts of 3800.

Similarly, it can produce a peak of 4275 watts and rated watts of 3420 when operated at gasoline.

The starting procedure requires the internal battery that can be charged through the generator’s power when it’s working.

It also acquires cold technology to give it a stable start in cold weather. Its reliability is marked by its three years warranty.


Starting feature includes the push-button start and touch start. As it does work on both fuels, it has a fuel selector switch.

An RV outlet of 30A is included which powers up RV appliances. Its awesome safety features include a low oil detector and volt guard to detect the optimal charge for the product.

Its intelligence system track performance by monitoring volts, hertz, and running hours.

Its foldable handle and never-to-be flattened tires help in its easy carry. It does only lack in not having the capability of a parallel energy generator.

2.) Westinghouse Wgen9500df Generator: (Powerful Efficient)

Westinghouse WGen9500DFThis powerful high-output performance dual fuel generator works wonderfully and is a perfect partner in emergency cases.

This generator alone can power up all the appliances around and is an immediate powerhouse of energy.

Running on gas, it produces peak power of 12500 watts and running power of 9500 watts.

On propane, it shows the peak power of 11200 watts and running power of 8500 watts.

Both show the power output which is incredible. The huge 6.6-gallon gas fuel tank provides a runtime of 17.5 hours only with 25 percent of the load.

This beast is installed with GFCI outlets which then didn’t need to ground this. it offers three years warranty with EPA and CARB compliance.


The distance start-up is possible with this model as it comes with a remote key fob that can operate from 109 yards.

The electric start feature is also automatically charged by an internal battery. Foldable handle and never-flat tires add up to the feature of this.

A whole-home backup package is available in this beast of high output. The decibels of noise can only be 74 from 23 feet distance.

Although this unit comes with a great source of energy yet it is expensive due to its technologies and heavier than others.

3.) Champion 100263- Watt Generator: (Reliable)

Champion 100263Again, another model from the Champion company has made its way into the top list.

This model is the first-ever product to come with inverter technology.

It comes with a 3-position ignition switch for easy starting and inverter technology involves in higher fuel economy, making the engine quitter to work.

On gasoline power, it has a peak rate of 3400 watts and running power of 3100 watts. With operating upon propane, its peak watts are 3030 and running watts of 2790.

It offers cold technology for easy winter startup. It also guarantees three years fine working warranty of the product.


Running on both diesel and propane adds up to its feature. It can easily power up to two 1500 BTU ACs. The load demand is stabilized with eco-mode which detects the load and speeds up or down the engine work accordingly.

This then increases the life span of the engine and utilizes a moderate amount of fuel.

This unit can offer up to 3 percent of total harmonic distortion that can help in the running of sensible electronic devices.

The distortion level is 59 decibels from 23 feet which is way too quiet and thus, makes the unit ideal for camping, and home backup.

4.) Wen Df475t: (Cheapest Dual Fuel Generator)

WEN DF475TThe dual-fuel portable generator provides the option to operate on either gasoline or propane per convenience.

It has produced voltage levels of 120V and 240V thus, making it easy to use for any home appliance and easy switching.

The single push button can be used to power up the 224 ccs 4-stroke engine but it is required to charge the internal battery frequently for utilization of this feature.

The unit can be moved from one place to another due to hard wheels and foldable handles and can be placed in smaller places for storage.


The unit was marked as one of the cheapest in the market and came in economical. The switching between gasoline and propane is made easy with a 47-inch LPG hose and connects the generator with a tank containing the required fuel.

It features four output receptacles including two 120V GFCI outlets, one 12V DC cigarette style plug, and a 120V/240V twist-lock outlet.

It contains an electric start which then doesn’t require any cord to pull and start. Also, the automatic voltage regulator keeps the voltage in stable condition, and circuits are protected from any short circuit.

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