Best Standby Generator For Home Use

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Best Standby Generator For Home Use

Looking for the Best Standby Generator For Home Use? You’ve come to the right place.

 Our Top Picks For You… 

Generators are of two types some are stand by and some are portable. Standby generators are good for home usage as you have to run almost all the appliances present in your house.

There are some points that should be kept in mind while purchasing the standby generators for the use of home use.

The noise of your generator should be not low because it is kept in the house or near the house. If the noise will be loud it will cause a disturbance.

The generator should be fuel-efficient. The maintenance duration of the generator should be for a long time.

If you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to read the details of all generators then we have the best top pick for you.

This is selected on the features of the generator and the customer reviews.  Champion Power Equipment 100294 is our number one top pick for you.

It is the most powerful generator with a lot of features and is economical on the budget. One of the best features is that it can run in hot and cold temperatures.

This generator can work if the temperature is even -22 degrees or 104 degrees.

Best Standby Generator For Home Use

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Champion Power Equipment 100294: (Our Number One Pick)

champion-power-equipment-generatorThis powerful standby generator is designed in the United States of America. It is the best resource for power backup and is listed as the best standby generator for home use also.

This generator starts automatically when the power is short.

It provides enough power outage then you can run all appliances of your whole house. It is dual fuel-efficient it runs on both gas and propane both.

It produces 14-kilo watts of electricity when it runs on propane and produces 12.5-kilowatts of energy when it runs on gas.

The generator can run in warm as well as in cold temperatures i.e it can work in temperature from -22 degrees to 104 degrees.

A maximum of 8 circuits can be attached to this generator. The running watts of this generator on gas are 12000W and 14000W on propane.


This generator is designed so well and it is safe in use. The noise of this standby generator is low which is 63 dba. It can run both on gas and propane. It can work in hot and cold temperatures.

It is suitable for both sensitive and heavy devices. It does not require a warming kit to start. It is durable and a reliable machine.

2.) Generac 7033 Standby Generator: (Light Weighted)

 Generac 7033 Standby Generator generatorThis standby generator is also manufactured in the United States. It is also a dual fuel-efficient generator it works on gas and propane.

Its powerful OHVI G engine produces enough power to run the appliances of your house.

It can produce 22 watts of energy on propane and 19.5 watts on gas. This generator can work both indoors and outdoor. You can run air conditioners on it without any trouble.

This generator will start quickly in some seconds when it finds the power shortage. You can easily monitor its functionalities and maintenance time on any smart device.

A multilingual LCD is installed in this generator which will help you to observe the battery status, oil level, and many other features.

This generator is made up of aluminum and a special coat is done on this generator which protects it from UV rays and from rustling.

The running watts of this generator in the gas is 1000 and on propane are 11000. A maximum of 16 circuits can be attached to this generator.  The sound level is 63dba which is noiseless.


This generator produces clean power. The body of the generator is made up of aluminum which protects it from many rays and dust. LCDs are inserted in it for monitoring.

The noise of the generator is low. It is suitable for both sensitivity and power assuming products.

3.) Briggs & Stratton Power Products 40555 17kW: (Little Bit Expensive)

Briggs-&-Stratton-Power-Products-40555-17kW-Standby-GeneratorThis is an auto-start generator that is designed and manufactured in the United States. It is a good generator that provides enough power. The power capacity on propane is 17000watts and on gas is 15300 watts.

Subpanel is not used in this generator while the automatic transfer switch is used that allows the generator to give power to all circuits. This generator can be installed both indoors and outdoor.

The load management system is also built-in this generator which can control the power according to a load of your appliances.

This generator is user-friendly and a digital meter is inserted in it so you can easily monitor and track the maintenance level.

Its body is made up of special steel which protects it from dust, rain, dust, moisture, etc. it is a quiet generator so can keep near the house.


Generators can start automatically with the help of a transfer switch when the power is low. The noise of this generator is low.

A maximum of 16 circuits can be attached to this generator. It is fuel-efficient and reliable. The warranty for this generator is of 5 years.

4.) Generac 7043 Home Standby Model: (Less Noise)

generac-7043-home-standby-model-generatorThis is also one of the best stands by generator for home use. It is very fuel-efficient. The maintenance requirement of this generator is low.

Its engine is powerful that delivers the power of 22 watts on propane and 19.5 watts of power on natural gas.

The automatic transfer switch is attached to the generator which allows the generator to start when the power energy is low.

The noise of this generator is 67 dba which is low so you can easily keep the generator in the garage of the house.

The running watts produce by this generator are 2200 watts on propane and 19500 watts on gas.


This is a strong and powerful generator. It is suitable for powerful and sensitive devices. This generator is durable and reliable. It is dueled fuel-efficient and has low sound. It produces clean power. It is easy to use and monitor.

Quite a test self-test mode is also a feature that is present in it by which you can easily evaluate the performance of the generator.

Rhino coat power is used for the coverage of the generator which protects it from dust, moisture, rust, etc. The warranty for this generator is for 5 years.

Buying Guide Best Standby Generator For Home Use

Looking for the best standby generator for home use? It is advisable to go through the must-have features in an ideal standby generator before heading for final purchase and for that we have brought this review of the most critical aspects of a portable generator to decide the best one for your needs.

Fuel Type:

Before heading towards the capacity and power production of your generator it should be your topmost consideration to decide the type of generator that you want to have is you should know the fuel source of the generator and decide which one of these you want to buy.

Gasoline generators are the cheaper ones and demand low maintenance as well while diesel generators are the costlier ones with high maintenance costs as compensation for this, these diesel generators have greater power production and can run for longer hours.

Power Rating:

After the fuel source, now it is time for you to determine your power needs that is how much power you need to run your whole house, you also have to decide whether you are looking for power backup to only a few crucial home appliances like LED lights, refrigerators, well pump, air conditioner or all the electrical appliances in the home.

After calculating your power needs you have to know the wattage of your generator that would be the best match for you and go for it.


After power calculation, you have to determine the size of the generator that can handle your needs and for that, you must decide whether or not you want to run the air conditioner on power backup.

If you plan to do so you should know the size of the AC in tons and then determine the size of the generator which will hold that power need for example 1 ton capacity will require a generator of about 3600 watts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where Should A Whole House Generator Be Placed?

The ideal place for installing your whole house generator depends upon the actual location of your electric meter and the natural gas meter.

The shortest distance between the two points will determine the best spot for placing your generator as this will ensure that the gas and electric supply have to run the shortest distance.

In addition to that, the generator should be placed outside in an open space away from flammable material, windows, and vents to avoid any accident.

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Whole House Generator?

The answer to the generator cost depends upon the type of fuel which you want to drive your generator as a backup energy source and for that, you have to consider many points like price, maintenance cost, runtime, etc.

Typical gasoline generators will take about $500-3000 differing on the wattage production and the diesel generators are the most costlier taking about  $3000 to $15,000.

Is It Cheaper To Run A Generator On Propane Or Gas?

Propane generators are usually costlier than their gasoline counterparts and the results are similar both in purchase cost and maintenance cost.

Gasoline generators are relatively cheaper to buy and also more effective than propane generators as these devices are seen to produce 30 percent more heat than propane-driven generators at the same fuel level.

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