DuroMax XP5500EH Generator Review

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DuroMax XP5500EH

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  • Wattage: This generator runs on maximum wattage of 5,500 watts while the running watts are 4500.
  • Safety: All available outlets have circuit breakers and safety covers.
  • Warranty: DuroMax supports a limited parts warranty on all its products within a specified time.

If you are out on a search for a reliable yet affordable DuroMax generator, then you ought to try their XP5500 generator which is the perfect backup solution for supplying energy to your home or office.

DuroMax XP5500EH Review


Dual-Fuel Tank:

The best thing to start with this generator is its dual-fuel operation and this allows you to decide on the type of fuel available at the moment for inexpensive operation. It can switch between propane and gasoline on the user’s choice.

In this way, you can use propane as a more affordable fuel option for your generator. When the propane becomes scarce or you run out of it with no nearby fuel shop providing propane then you can make do with the gasoline fuel that will give you nevertheless an excellent engine performance.

Power Boost Technology:

This generator features a duel fuel facility and power boost technology that allows for two specific outlets for two distinct amperage values of the power supplied by your generator.

One of its outlets will supply you with 120 V power and it is meant for household use since most homes operate on 120V energy supply.

If you want to use a power backup source for meeting the needs of a heavier load you can do away with your standard 120 V amperage and rather connect with your second outlet that doubles the amperage and supplies a 240 V full power supply.

Electric/Recoil Start:

Now talking about the engine starting feature of this generator, you will be more than satisfied with it. This generator has an electric start button that does away with the conventional recoil start type.

But don’t worry, if you are in favor of a recoil start then you can use that since this generator support both the electric and recoil start-up.

Another great feature to support starting in dim or poor light conditions is its instrument panel.  This generator has its instrument panel lighted and thus you can clearly see the power outlets and other necessary switch and ports for starting your generator to let the power supply resumes in your home.


This generator is a heavy-duty option that is included in 5000 wattage generators and is built for heavy loads.  It has a 23 Horsepower Engine that is a V Twin engine running on duel fuel.

This engine has a power generation capacity of up to 15,000 watts and thus will be a great tool for you to enjoy the centralized AC in your next power outage.


The standard loading capacity of this 5500 wattage generator allows you to run your lights, Air conditioner, Fridge, computers, and other electric appliances of limited wattage in your kitchen.

This is the standard requirement for power supply in any home and this generator is more than capable to fulfill your needs or demands.

You can use this DuroMax generator to keep your internet connectivity alive and keep active all other electric appliances that need to be used until and unless your grid power is resumed.

Although this generator is a great power source for your power backup at home, and on outdoor sites, this generator is used as the primary power source such as that on construction sites.

Recreational Vehicle Supported:

This is an RV generator and thus you can conveniently take it out on your recreational vehicles where they can be installed within your vehicles or can be ported out to arrange a camping environment.  DuroMax 5500 watts generator is the most typical RV generator that you will see in your recreational vehicles.

This is because RVs are like mini-homes on wheels that include all your standard household appliances like a TV, Fridge, AC, electric kettles, computers, Lights, portable power recharging sources, coffee pots, and much more.

To keep these appliances running all through your journey. Most RVs have one or 2 of these generators that are good enough for lasting you a week on the road.

You can cut down on your power usage when not in the vehicle and get extra running time or you can carry enough fuel with you to prolong your journey to more days on the road with no nearby fuel points.

  • Is best for RVs
  • Can take care of heavy loads
  • Electric and recoil starter
  • Great runtime
  • Noisy
  • Limited warranty

Our Verdict:

DuroMax 5500 generator is your ideal choice when out on a recreational trip in a luxury RV with all daily necessities and electric appliances. This generator is a great power backup source for heavy loads and has an efficient and reliable engine to take care of your matter even without the grid power.  This generator is powered by duel fuel and thus will prove to be the best choice for your bucks. 

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