Generac GP3300i Generator Review

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Generac GP3300i

Generac GP3300i

If you are living in an area where power blackouts are running rampant or you are a camping fan frequently planning camping tours then there is one necessary item that you would need to have.

This essential item is none other than the secondary power source that is available to you in the shape of a portable generator.

Generac GP3300i Review

Generac GP3300i is one such great power backer that will please you with its performance and smooth sailing engine.
So, let us dig deep into its features and specifications to know what is so great about this portable generator.



Generac GP3300i portable generator operates on 3300 starting watts and has 2500 running watts.

Fuel Type And Capacity:

This generator runs on Gasoline fuel and has the capacity of holding 1.06 Gal fuel.


Generac covers 3 years consumer limited warranty that does not apply to all parts but includes the engine and hardware damage.


Generac GP3300i has a runtime of 4.5 Hrs. and this is possible at only 50% Load.


Generac generators are industrial standard generators that are largely used for commercial purposes. You can easily find some Generac generators operating in power outages at many office buildings.

The reason for this overwhelming use of Generac generators is their reliability, these generators are trustworthy and provide smooth sailing performances that don’t fluctuate from the standards of utility power supply.

Generac GP330i generator is one of their medium-range portable generator designed for outdoor events like camping or RV purposes where the generator is meant to perform as the primary power source.

For a generator to act as primary power, it needs to be distinguished and capable of taking on this daunting duty. So, let’s see the power and runtime capabilities of GP3300i to decide whether will it be capable of lightening up your camp or not.

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Power capacity is without any doubt the most crucial factor for determining the worth of any generator be it portable or indoor household generator.

The Generac Gp3300i has two circuits that distribute the 3300 watts of this power backer.

The two cicircuitsarry14 ampere electric power in each circuit and these circuits house 120V sockets. In simple words, the two 14 ampere circuits house one leg of a 120 V socket, and the two combine to yield a total of 240 V while a single one will yield a 120 V supply depending upon the need of the user.

Generac GP3300i is designed for RVs and it has 20V to 30V RV adapters that will help you in fulfilling the needs for electric supply in your RV. You can charge your computer, laptop, or smartphone, power you’re TV and on the 30V adapter, you can power your other small appliances like furnaces heaters.


The runtime of the generator depends upon the load and carrying capacity of the generator. If you run your generator on a 50% load then you can enjoy the full runtime of the Generac generator but if the load increases beyond ½ then the runtime will start to decline sharply depending upon the load you have put on it.

The maximum runtime of the Generac GP3300i is 4.5 hours at half load. It is good enough to let you power a 10,000 BTU air conditioner but increasing the load will decrease the runtime.

Therefore, you should create a balance between the required load and the time you need to run your generator.

Fuel Capacity:

The Generac GP3300i has a small fuel tank that complements its 4.5 hours runtime and it can hold 1.06 gallons of fuel at a time.

The fuel type of the GP3300i is gasoline therefore, it utilizes eco-friendly and green fuel to let you power your outdoor events like camping.


The Generac GP3300i has an OHV engine that has 208 cubic centimeter engine displacement and an efficient and effective power consumption ratio that is better than many industrial generators.

This Generac GP3300i is very fuel-efficient and sips the minimum fuel required to make do with efficient performance.

As you already know that Generac GP3300i will hold maximum fuel of 1.1.06-gallons of gasoline, therefore, its engine needs to be fuel-efficient, or else it will all be quickly utilized sharply reducing the runtime of 4.5 hours.

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  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Low oil shutdown
  • Circuit breakers to prevent overloading
  • RV Compatible
  • Only produce 1600 watts power stream.
  • Will not run appliances using more than 1600 watts

The Bottom Line:

Generac GP3300i is a low-budget medium-wattage generator that gives you 2500 running watts and divides the power through 2 circuits each carrying 14-ampere power. The two circuits will combine with different voltages to yield a stream of 1600 watts power supply. The runtime is 4.5 hours and the fuel capacity is 1.06 gallons of gasoline.

Its wattage is sufficient enough to run your RVs, power outdoor camps, arrange a movie night in an outdoor location or provide a power backup to your home at ½ load.

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