Generac iQ2000 Inverter Generator Review

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Generac IQ2000 Inverter Generator REVIEW

The use of generators has become so necessary these days that every other person is in its sales. Considering this increasing need in the market has led to an increase in the number of the business of electric backup appliances.

Following this trend, Generac has made successful efforts in building up its prominent marketplace and has made a variety of generators ranging from advanced units to affordable yet efficient devices.

Generac IQ2000 Review

Generac iQ2000 Inverter Generator Review is nonetheless in the race and has multiple features to offer to its users.

The starting watts are GENERAC IQ2000 and that of running watts of 1800W which is powerful enough for most of the appliances around for backup and emergency needs.

It is used indoors as well as outdoor for traveling and adventurous purposes. The generator is portable due to its compact size and eases to carry the body.

The wattage meter catches our attention as it shows how much of the energy is actually required by the generator at moment. the parallel capacity offers to double the energy of the generator by attaching it to another model. The device has inverter technology that matches today’s expectations of generators.

The device is a compact model to carry its internal mechanics and tools and to protect them from changing weather conditions. The device assures every indication property as that of fuel, oil, or any other unusual activity ever happened.

The generator weighs 46.2 pounds which brings an easy portability option for the user. The device offers 3 years of warranty both commercial and residential.


Generac IQ2000 inverter generator offers a running wattage of 1600W and a sarge wattage of 2000W.

The dimensions of the unit are 20 x 12.6 x 16.9 Inches (L x W x H) which provides an overall compact look to the unit. The 80cc powerful Generac engine is installed for reliable results.

The capacity of the fuel tank is 1.06 gallons which provides a run time of 5.7 hours at 50 percent load and 7.7 hours at 25 percent of load at full tank.

The unit is ranked at the top for being the quietest generator in its range. The noise level it offers is always below 60dB in any of the three modes it offers.

The economy mode minimizes noise for less of the demanding loads; the turbo model offers full usage of power when needed and lastly, the standard mode finds the middle ground.

The outlets include 5 20R 20amps 120V AC outlets.

The control panel includes TruePower Technology regulates and maintains clean energy for sensitive devices, the Smart LED dashboard shows updated wattage which is produced, also generator status lights to alert low fuel quantity, overload, and an electronic fuel gauge helps in the visibility of the amount of the remaining fuel.

PowerDial helps in starting, running, and stopping functions with one simple dial. It is useful in charging up sensitive appliances as well as any quick and light energy in need.

The device is back up with 3 years of residential and commercial warranty. 

What We Like
  • One of the quietest in its range
  • Reliable use for a long time
  • Easy recoil starts with a strong pull cord
  • Safety guaranteed
  • Durable and easy to handle
  • TruePower infused technology helps in a clean output
  • All in one simple PowerDial to start, stop or run the unit
  • The three modes of use; economy, turbo, and standard
  • The smart dashboard allows the easy control panel
  • Safe engine and well protected for peace of mind
  • The runtime of 5.7 hours at 50 percent of load and 7.7 hours at 25 percent of the load on a full tank
  • 3 years of commercial and residential warranty
  • Includes oil funnel and engine oil
  • Parallel capacity availability
What We Don't Like
  • Separate parallel kit sold
  • Short time energy supply

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What Is Running Starting At Watts?

The starting watts are 2000W and that of 1800W is off running.

Is It A Quiet Inverter Generator?

It is ranked as one of the quietest generators in its range and has less than 60dBs of noise level in all of its speed modes.

What Is The Capacity Of The Fuel Tank?

The fuel tank is 1.06 gallons which provide prolonged runtime then.

What Does It Weigh?

It weighs around 46.2 pounds which is easily portable and useful indoors as well as outdoors needs.

Does It Offer An Electric Start?

It starts with a manual recoil start and doesn’t offer an electric start. But the recoil system offers an easy start.

What Is The Warranty It Offers?

It offers 3 years of commercial and residential warranty.

What Is The Range Of Noise Levels?

The range it offers is less than 60 dB in all its speed modes.

What Are The Advanced Technologies It Offers?

The TruePower technology for clean output, automatic shutdown technology, and further speed modes.

What Are Its Three Modes Of Speed?

The turbo mode runs the engine on full load when required; economy mode helps in an efficient load of fuel in use and standard mode uses the middle of the ground.


The generator is the quietest of the units in its range and weighs 46.2 pounds for easy carriage and portability.

Furthermore, it’s a great partner for indoors as it helps in providing charge for microwave, mini-fridge, and outdoor appliances for traveling and adventure purposes.

The unit has a rated frequency of 60 Hertz and of rated amps of 13. The 5.7 hours of runtime and 7.7 hours of runtime are produced at 50 percent and 25 percent respectively.

The device offers a compact device that helps in the easy storage of the unit. the speed modes of turbo, economy, and standard help in moderating or changing the power usage according to the individual needs of users as per convenience.

The parallel capacity offers a doubling of the output energy by attaching to another similar unit. the automatic shutdown technology helps to protect the engine from ceasing or any resistance.

The electric fuel gauge is also installed for easy detection of energy. The device offers 3 years of residential and conventional warranty and is considered a wise investment.

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