How To Secure A Portable Generator?

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How To Secure A Portable Generator

How To Secure A Portable Generator

Portable generators are essential parts of camping trips, wildlife adventures, and RVs. Other than these portable generators small portable power banks are running on Lithium-Ion batteries fueled by solar power to recharge your smart appliances without grid power.

Many tailgates and overnight trips use small-wattage portable generators that are not harsh on their pockets and provide them with minimal wattage to fulfill their power needs.

These portable generators are very useful for many occasions like tailgate parties, camping and excursion trips, wildlife adventures, mountain trips, tracking, and so on.

All of these outdoor activities require you to have a secondary power backup source for enjoying your smart gadgets unhindered.

But with blessings comes trials and the same goes for these portable generators. These portable generators make it extra convenient, feasible, and economical to transport them from place to place.

Furthermore, they are also more budget-friendly than most commercial-grade products. But these generators are meant to be used outdoors and therefore the chances of theft are always prevalent.

Just suppose you were enjoying a thrilling movie out in the wild at your camping site with your friends gathering but suddenly the power breakdown and you get to know that there is no generator in the vicinity to you. So, what should be done?

Should you babysit the generator to prevent thieves from having a get-go? Well, this is certainly not a feasible step and therefore you should look for physical tools to secure your portable generator and guard it against thieves.

How To Secure A Portable Generator?

when talking about how to secure a portable generator, the first thing that would come into any common mind will be to put it under a lock and have it guarded by chains and cables for security reasons.

Given below are the most typical tools for securing your generator from theft. Pay head to them and carefully read our article at the end to know more about these cool tools protecting the portable generator for you.
Chains And Locks:

Chains and locks are without any doubt the most sought-out helpers to evade theft and guard against petty thieves coming again and again after your precious products.

Chains and locks are not only the most common approach but also the simplest and most economical one. These chains and locks are easily available at any retail store and you can buy them for a few bucks.

These chains and locks will be used to hook your portable generator to the trees, walls, vehicles, storage racks, or any other feasible site at the camp.

You can choose to tie your portable generator to your vehicle if it is nearby or you can hang the chains with a tree in the surroundings.

But the downside of these chains is that they are not very strong and can easily be broken with some force.

Therefore, you should tie your portable generator with chains and looks for a few minutes, and then babysit it carefully to avoid getting it stolen.

Security Cables:

Casual chains are very simple, weak, and easy to break free of. Therefore, the market has replaced them to a great extent with advanced security cables that come with an anti-theft mechanism.

Once these security cables are messed with or someone tries to cut off these security wires, it will immediately alter an alarm and everyone will be brought in front of here to clarify the situation.

Security Bracket:

Although security cables are good the security bracket is an even better method of securing portable generators from theft.

Instead of chains and locks that can only allow you a few minutes of carelessness, you should go with a method that can guard the portable generators even without my intervention in it. Security brackets are good at technology and have already plastic bags and a few other things.

These security brakes are installed in the generator where they work in addition to chains and cables to give me a hard time deliberately.

These security brakes will provide a permanent solution at the moment and you want to have this disease removed.

Other Options:

If none of the above-mentioned tips work for you then you don’t have to worry as there are many other functional tips that you can employ to get the job done and protect the portable generator from being stolen.

These alternative options include

  • Placing your portable generator in a well-guarded place
  • Put them under your RV and secure it by hiding the actual location
  • Keep your dog guarding the portable generator
  • Hide the portable generator in your RV storage or covered truck beds
  • Have a special compartment built in your RV to protect the generator from being accessed by strangers

Final Words:

Portable generators are great tools for outdoor fun and adventure but are at risk of being stolen. Generator theft is pretty much common at camping sites and therefore securing them is the job of users by employ more than one tip to secure the portable generator.
You can hide your generator in safe places and use the chains and locks to bind them with the objects nearby. You can also use security brakes for increasing security or have the generator guarded in extreme cases.

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