Jackery Power Station Explorer 500 Generator Review

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Jackery Power Station Explorer 500Are you in pursuit of an extremely portable generator that you can easily carry in your hand? Or a mini power station that will be your best support for wildlife adventures, exploration trips, and even in case of power outages? If this is the case with you then you are presumably at the right spot because we are here going to review the Jackery Explorer 500 which is a mini power station fulfilling all of your above-mentioned needs.

So, let’s not waste any extra minute and get straight to test and trial this Jackery Power Station Explorer 500 and see will it be as good as claimed by the manufacturers or is just a goose without any eggs.


1. Wattage:

Jackery Explorer 500 will produce 500 watts of power and is battery-driven and charged by a solar panel mounted with it.

2. Fuel Type and Capacity:

This Jackery explorer generator is a solar-charged device that is running on battery power. The lithium-ion battery used in this unit has 518 Wh power which can be considered as 24 Ah power with 21.6 voltage.

3. Outlets:

Jackery Explorer 500 has several outlets that include 1 X AC port, 2 X DC Ports, 1 X Car Port, and 3 X USB Type-A Ports.


Jackery explorer generators are solar generators that come with pre-installed solar panel and you can use it to charge your small electric appliances on outdoor journeys.

These solar generators are meant to provide you with power storage for recharging your electric gadgets like smartphones, cameras, and laptops.

Suppose you are out on a journey in the mountain range to capture some great landscapes, you will have to take with you many electric gadgets like your camera setup, and a laptop for storing and editing your pictures, videos, and vlogs.

You would also have wireless internet devices for providing your internet signals along with your smartphones. You would also be taking an electric kettle or a toaster with you to prepare some quick snacks for your breakfast in the wild.

All of these items are battery-powered and their battery will undoubtedly drain after a few hours of use therefore you would need a generator to recharge them and use them again for your activities. This is where the solar generators help you out by storing the power in the generator and then delivering it to your appliances.


Jackery Explorer 500 is coming with 500 watts of power and has the capacity of 518 watts per hour which means you are good enough to charge almost all of your gadgets in the wild.

This doesn’t include your motor-driven equipment like that in RVs. You need to clear the stance here that this solar generator is meant to recharge your gadgets and not run utility-supplied appliances.

You can use this solar generator as a UPS that will store the solar energy and then yield the electric current to recharge your mobile phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and all other battery-driven tools. The power derived from solar energy is stored in a Lithium-Ion battery.


The runtime of this generator isn’t counted in terms of its fuel or capacity but the number of appliances you are going to recharge with it.

You can use an explorer 500 generator for lighting a lamp in your camp for about 40 hours. You can play your TV in your camp for 7.5 hours (when fully charged) with this solar generator as the primary power source.

You can charge your phone for 53X with the full battery power of this solar generator while the laptop can be charged for 4.5 hours and the camera for 25X. You can also run a mini cooler for 7.5 hours which equals the runtime of an LED running on this Jackery Explorer 500.

Fuel Capacity And Charging:

The Jackery Explorer 500 has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 518 watts per hour and it can be charged in various ways. You can charge this explorer generator in 3 ways.

  • Using solar panel
  • Using car charger
  • Using household outlet

The input outlet of this Jackery generator is using a DC port and you can easily connect it to your car port or the household power outlet with a DC supply. The most used and convenient way of charging this generator out on journeys is to use the solar panel. This Jackery 500 generator features pairing with solar saga 100 which is a small solar panel meant for camping trips and tailgating journeys.

Reason To Buy
  • Built-in Handle
  • Plenty of outlets
  • Smart display panel with battery indicator
  • Extremely Portable
Reason To Don’t Buy
  • Lack a USB Type C port
  • Don’t have waterproofing

The Bottom Line:

Jackery Explorer 500 comes with a wide range of power outlets and this allows you to connect multiple small appliances like chargers at the same time. This explorer generator is an extremely portable option and you can use it in some very extreme temperatures which makes it the perfect choice for sunny days. This Jackery 500 generator has several outlets to allow you to charge various appliances like smartphones, laptops, cameras, and similar small items.

So, if you want to have a small and compact portable generator with eco-friendly operation and solar panel charging then this Jackery explorer generator is the best bet for you. So, don’t waste any other moment and get set to have this amazing product in your hands.


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