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Power Generators For ApartmentsLooking for the Power Generators For Apartments? You’ve come to the right place.

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Many of us think that generators are not important things that have to be purchase. But If we think then it is an important resource because we don’t know or can’t judge that when we face the electricity shortage and for what time.

We can afford to stop our lives as electricity stops. We have to run many appliances and devices when there is no power and for that generators are the cheap resource.

They give you the power in no time when you are in your houses, apartments or even you can use them for outdoor activities too. You can run your sensitive and high power appliances on these generators.

 Top Pick… 

Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS is selected by us a top pick product from all the generators provided below. It is selected on the base of its features searched after a complete survey of customers and complete research. The noise of this generator is very low and it is easy to install. The rating stars of this generator are 4.5/5.
For more detail read the below mention description.

Power Generators For Apartments

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS:

Kohler 20RESCL-200SELSThis is a good power generator for your apartments. If you face the power shortage in your apartment this generator produces the power and makes the life comfortable for you and for your family.

This generator is installed in your apartment just like the AC, which means you have to install it outside the apartment. It requires less human effort. In case your electricity is down you don’t have to go outside to start it. It starts automatically. It requires very little time to start in only 10 seconds it starts its functionality. You can run every type of appliance on it like ac, fridge, laptop chargers, etc.


This weight of this generator is 560 pounds. The body of this generator is corrosion proof. So it is durable. It is saved from dust and rust. You can use it in rainy and stormy weather without any worry. It is fast responsive.

The power quality of this generator is very good. Its noise is very low. A digital meter is present in it which allows monitoring the functionalities. It has a powerful engine. You can run it on propane as well as on gas fuel. It comes with a 5-year warranty.

2.) Generac 7043 Home Standby:

Generac 7043 Home StandbyThe second good power generator is Generac 7043. The brand is reliable and well known its products never disappoint the customers. The generator is connected with the already connected gas connection and starts automatically when the power gets short. It is also known as good air-cooled standby generator.

You can use it in homes, apartments or even in offices. It starts automatically so you don’t have to rush to start it when the power goes down. The weight of this product is 515 pounds.


It is the top-rated generator on which you can relay to start sensitive as well as heavy electronic devices. A whole house smart transfer switch is present in it. Led are inserted in it which shows its running time, fuel efficiency, and working hours.

This generator is user friendly and easy to install. It requires less maintenance. The body is made up of aluminum so the generator saves from every type of weather. It can perform in a storm and in rain too. It is true power technology that provides reliable and stable power.

Its engine is powerful and is generac G- Force which consumes less fuel. It is user friendly you can monitor its functionalities even in your mobile devices

3.) Champion 100111:

 Champion 100111This is one of the good generators that provide powerful electricity. The generator is structure after considering the security features for users.

It is a portable generator you cannot only use it in your apartments but take it with yourself in during camping hunting and for outside purposes. It can be used in all types of weather like in summers, winter, and rainy season or in a storm. The body of this generator is very attractive. It has u shaped handle on its top and wheels are present which makes you comfortable to move it.


This generator is small in size and easily portable. The starting watts of this generator is 15000 and have 12000 running watts.

The fuel tank of this generator can store 10.9 gallons of fuel in it. It can work for 9 hours when the load on the generator is 50 percent. This has electric startup functionality which makes it user friendly. Cold start-up technology is also part of its features you can use in cold temperatures.

GFCI protected outlets can be attached to this generator. It is EPA certified and CAR compliant. Low oil shut-off features are also present in it which turns the engine off automatically when the level of fuel is low. It saves the engine from any harm.

4.) Generac 7033:

Generac 7033 Air CooledJust as the Generac name is very reliable its products are also the same. This generator has excellent features. You can use this generator to run all the appliances present in your apartments without any worry.

It is a stand by generator and starts automatically. The power produce by this generator is clean and stable. It uses less fuel and has efficient working. The body of this generator is made up of aluminum which saves it from rusting. The weight of this generator is 446 pounds which are not so heavy. This generator can be used indoor and outdoor as well.


The power of this generator is true, clean, and reliable. This generator is fuel-efficient. It requires low maintenance and the maintenance time of this device is less. The noise of this generator is low. It is easy to install and user friendly.

Led is inserted in it which makes it easy for you to observe battery status, maintenance level, fuel level, etc. you can also operate it through different mobile devices and don’t have to go to near the generator to start or a turn off the machine. The price of this generator is also less according to its features.

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