PowerSmart PS50A Generator, 1000 Watts Portable Generator Review

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PowerSmart PS50A Generator, 1000 Watts Portable Generator Review

This portable generator is helpful for mobile devices and a power gas generator with 63cc outages. It is a 2 stroke device that gives you 900 to 1000 watts. The unique identity of this appliance is that it is eco-friendly and any person doesn’t disturb by it.It has a 6-gallon fuel capacity, 7-blade fan cooling system, carbon steel cylinder for efficient fuel combustion, and a muffler for quiet operation.

This portable generator is very easy to assemble and use, making it a popular choice for campers, construction workers, and anyone who needs power on the go. Your electronics devices would be charged by this generator.

Features :

  • Large Fuel Tank: The fuel tank capacity is 1.8 gallons (6.1L)With.50% load running timing of this appliance is 10 hours and with 100% load is 6 hours.
  • Mobile Power: The PowerSmart generator can charge your cell phones, tablets, laptops, lights, and small appliances at the home, office, or on the road.
  • Comfortable handgrip, easy to carry and operate.
  • Compact design, light in weight, and easy to take, bring you the most convenient way to get power by camping, hiking, caravan, and more.
  • Safety protection.
  • Be careful with the wire when using it.
  • Easy start function.
  • They are quite easy to get it started.
  • Convenient and the switch key.
  • Only press the switch key, then the generator can start work.
  • The maximum power.


  • 2 strokes
  • Smart portable shape
  • Eco friendly¬†


  • Expensive

The Power Smart portable generator is designed to power and charge multiple items at once. This generator is compact and quiet making it perfect for any task that requires power.

It is easy to transport or move around and provides up to 1000 watts of power to handle small appliances or other equipment in emergency situations. This generator features a reliable and efficient 4-stroke engine that cuts down on emissions, making it eco-friendly. 

It has a 9.8-gallon gas tank that allows you to go up to 12 hours at a 50% load. The user can charge our system even if they used it. It is also equipped with a USB charging port for charging your cell phones, tablets, and other small electrical devices.

This generator can handle power tools and other heavy-duty equipment. You can use this technology for farmers, construction worksites, and many other outdoor services. This device contains a safe button.

Are you looking for a portable, lightweight, and reliable emergency generator that can be moved around with ease? You need to check out the PowerSmart Generator by Khombu. The PowerSmart Portable Generator is a compact 1000-watt generator that weighs less than 38 pounds.

It also runs quietly at only 50 decibels. The PowerSmart generator boasts of smart features such as its “fuel can mode”, which allows it to run off of a 16 oz, 5-gallon gas can. This feature is ideal when there are no available power outlets.

The PowerSmart features an LED light, AC/DC and USB outlets, a DC cigarette lighter plug, an air compressor outlet, and a 12 volt DC outlet. This generator is powered by a 208cc 4-stroke engine and has a run time of almost 6 hours at half capacity.

Conclusion :

This technology reduces your manual effort. Everything is done with this wonderful gadget. You just gave instructions on its smart panel and all work is done within a few min. It is suitable for all generator lovers.

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