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Global warming which has an immense effect on the environment on increasing temperature globally also has an adverse effect on electricity-related problems and results in a shortage of supply sometimes. This then and now has created a huge need for constant electric appliances to balance off the increased temperature around.

For this very purpose, generators are said to be a relief invention of the modern world and help in making us able to continue our living without getting compromised. They are, no doubt a necessity than a luxury keeping in mind the severe climate conditions.

 Top Pick… 

With independent research, customer feedback, and complete review, the top pick out of any question or doubt awards to the DuroStar DS4000S portable generator that makes it a clear choice for camping, emergency preparedness, and for working outdoors as with utilizing it for indoors need.

The reliability and durability are the qualities that made this product stand out in the market for purchase.

Providing required power to appliances, have a durable design and low maintenance making it an easy pick for any customer. Affordability also adds up to the generator quality and more details to make a purchase satisfy are elaborated below:

Small Generators For Apartments

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) DUROSTAR DS4000S: (Top Pick)

DuroStar DS4000SA fantastic choice for general purpose uses listed the product’s top priority to use. The 4000 starting watts and 3300 running watts fully supports all the electric appliances without any fear of short circuit or unavailability in any case.

It has the power of running multiple electronics providing two sockets for 120V household appliances and one for 120V 30A twist lock outlets.

This gas-powered appliance is up for 8 hours working ability with 50% output. As being a gas-powered product, it does require the usual oil change. Furthermore, because of the heavy body of 94 lbs., the optional wheel kit for maneuverability can be considered purchasing as an additional expense.


The user-friendly generator came up with plenty of features to sport its power and quality features. Automatic shutting ability protects the product when oil is low without breaking the connection.

DuroStar Generators are approved both by EPA (Environment Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board) shows an environment-friendly quality of it and how it gets no harm to the environment around us.

Small Generators For Apartments is the comfortable use. It also has the best features. The DuroStar 208cc OHV engine is a workhorse that surely provides immense power to handle multiple jobs which range from powering high voltage appliances to heavy-duty tools. The warranty calls on 3 years guarantee.

2.) Briggs & Stratton P2200 Portable Generator: (Inverter Generator)

Briggs & Stratton P2200This versatile and powerful generator marks its value in a wide range and its H- shaped handle made it easy to carry. In addition, the design is elegant and eye-catchy, not to look like and giant machine.

It is power by a 111cc motor with 2,200 starting watts and 1,700 running watts of power which are good for up to eight hours of operation.

All on the 1-gallon tank of gas at a load of 25 percent only. It surprisingly helps with smart electronics which isn’t an easily available option like smartphones, laptops. There are three total outlets mainly 2 DC and household, including a USB adapter.


The quick setup process complements its features because of the tools provided adding to the comfortability of customers. It includes the starter cord which takes several pulls to start its working.

As the versatility is discussed earlier, it further includes the ports for power which includes a duplex three-pronged outlet, a cigarette lighter-style port, and a three-pronged parallel port. the USB port is a thoughtful addition here.

The only faulty element includes the generator’s immense noise while working which makes it stands second on the list despite all advanced features.

3.) Champion 5000-Watt Portable Generator: (Wheel Kit)

Champion 5000-WattA heavy-duty generator powering big is sometimes on the required list and for this purpose Champion, 5000-watt generator came in handy.

This includes two duplex 120-volt, 20-amp three-pronged outlets, one 120-volt, 30-amp outlet, and one 120-volt, 30-amp twist-lock outlet. These outlets are super useful while powering the larger electronics of heavy-duty.

The design for this heavy-duty is somehow compromised in the process and which makes the battery and other components visible at large. This question the reliability in the 3 years warranty period. Another shortcoming includes immense product noise.


The most promising feature includes the wireless remote-control operation, the remote works in the radar of about 80 meters from where you can easily start and stop the generator.

This then lowers the level of noise as it can be turned off from far away. The assembling also requires some heavy-duty and another shortcoming is that it sometimes does fluctuate on the 4000watts.

So, make sure to use the proper barrier or safety when plugging in the computer and generator. The price is what the real bargain here and cost heavy as its weight.

4.) WESTINGHOUSE IGEN2500: (CARB Compliant)

Westinghouse iGen2500Efficient to use, Westinghouse iGen2500 rates at 52 dB, which gives a huge relief to human ears. Despite noiseless, it doesn’t mean it won’t be supporting any heavy-duty performance.

With an output of 2200watts and highly 2500watts, it is capable of many purposed including camping, hunting, or after the storm.

Ranging from powering up light tools like smartphones, laptops to heavy-duty electronics like a refrigerator, it comes way too handy and all-rounder. It offers 5 DC USB ports and two 120 AC ports, showing the capacity and multitude. It does handle up to 10 hours of power at 25 percent of the load.


Its easy design setups and smart LED data center make Westinghouse iGen2500 an easy mid-range generator. including its all features, the producers do make sure to make the product attractive by adding colors to the generator. The easy carrying quality compliments its weight of 48 pounds but not actually provide wheels for easy movement.

The outlets and switches are well placed for preventing them from any interaction with water. The outlets include duplex three-pronged outlets which feature a flip-down rubber cover, as do the dual USB ports.

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