Westinghouse WGen3600v Generator Review

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Westinghouse WGen3600v


  • Wattage: Westinghouse Outdoor generator operates on 4650 peak watts and 3600 running watts
  • Safety: This generator has added rubber covers for providing safety.
  • Warranty: Westinghouse covers labor and internal parts coverage within a period of 3 years with a limited-service warranty on all nationwide service centers.

If you are looking for some great outdoor RV power generators that are powered by gasoline and are CARB compliant, then you should definitely give this Westinghouse WGEN 3600V a try.

Westinghouse WGen3600v Review

Let’s dig deep into its features to know if it is worth trying or not.


This generator like all others is a source of power backup in case of a power outage and has a multitude of features to suit the various needs of its owner. You can perform several services with this lightweight and portable generator.

This generator starts its performance with the peak watts that are 4600 and then runs smoothly at 3600 wattages. As far as its engine is concerned, it has a 4-stroke OHV engine that has a motor power (HP) of 212cc.

Load and Fuel Efficiency:

The most praiseworthy feature of this device is its runtime which allows you to have a power backup for about 12 hours with 50% of your home power load.  With this much strength, the Westinghouse WGEN3600v generator is more than capable enough to run all of your appliances conveniently.

To power, such a heavy-duty engine requires quite a good amount of fuel but worry not. With the fuel-efficient technology of Westinghouse, you can cut down on your fuel expenses and have an energy-efficient generator power with minimal fuel.

Fuel Tank And Weight:

The fuel capacity of this generator is 4 gallons and the overall weight excluding the fuel tank weighs 90 pounds. To make this 90-pounds generator a portable device, this product comes with wheels and handles. You can very easily transport it to places by making use of its portable trolley with wheels and handles.

Engine Performance:

Now coming towards its performance, we can say that it has a rather smooth performing engine that works efficiently and this is ensured after a multitude of test runs. With such amazing performance of your generator, we assure you that you will rather get excited to have one or two power outage sprees in your locality.  The most critical and annoying thing about any generator is its noise level that makes up rather wary of these devices and looks for alternate power backup sources.

Noise Level:

Westinghouse doesn’t promise you a quiet and silent generator but we have test-run it with a couple of other brand generators and it definitely is the most quitter one.  It will not interfere with your daily work and since it is designed for outdoor placement, you will rather not listen to its sound while enjoying the comfort of your warm and cozy room on a chilled winter night.

Safety Features:

Westinghouse generators don’t only boast great features for load and power concerns, but they also provide you the highest level of safety one need for operating a generator, particularly a gasoline one.

  • This generator has circuit breakers installed on all of its outlets and if any of these outlets senses overloading, the respective outlet will shut down preventing short circuit in case of overloading. You don’t have to call for technical help to reverse the situation as you can simply push the AC breaker and the main circuit breaker to let the generator resume its normal working.
  • Circuit breakers are not the only safety barrier as Westinghouse has an extra layer of safety provided by the low oil shutoff. Low oil levels in the engine can be detrimental to the engine and therefore, it is mandatory to prevent low oil in the engine. You also need to continuously change engine oil to maintain it in a good condition for use over the years.
  • When the WGEN generator’s outlets sense overheating or low engine oil, the engine will automatically switch off preventing it from the great damage. You can then turn on the engine after altering its oil.

Safety is the most alarming feature of any generator but the casting vote provided in selecting any generator is none other than its fuel efficiency. WGEN generator is designed for the long run and thus it needs to have a fuel-efficient engine that doesn’t consume too much of your fuel.

With its fuel capacity of 4 gallons, you can last for a good enough to enjoy your leisure time in a deserted camping point. You can also use this fuel-efficient generator with a low-budget monthly stance as you don’t need humongous amounts of fuel to cater to this power backup device.

  • Can run smoothly for a half-day
  • Steel case construction gives long-lasting durability
  • Fuel efficient engine performance
  • Only gasoline fuel
  • Require high wattage for starting

Our Verdict:

WGEN is the ideal pick for any generator users in pursuit of a portable yet heavy-duty generator for outdoor use. This gasoline-run generator has impressive specs and brilliant performance that make it well worth the bucks utilized in buying it.

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