What Size Generator Do I Need For My RV?

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What size generator do I need for my RV

What Size Generator Do I Need For My RV?

What size generator do I need for my RV?

Outdoor Adventures:

Camping, off-grid vacations, outdoor events, and much more of the possible proceedings require a separate electric supply unit that helps with electric devices mainly hanging lights, mini-refrigerators, small televisions, and other small appliances needed to be run.

When we think about having our time outdoors, RV is one of the options that pop into one’s mind. The electricity requirements of the RV are fulfilled by portable generators for time being.

Generator’s Size:

The portable generators are then required to be compact in size, shape, and weight that should be moved around easily. Another requirement demands the wattage of the generator to support a whole RV and the noise level of the generator is also an important aspect to look into.

The size of the generator to support a fully equipped RV must rank from 3000 to 4000 watts with inverter technology. It cancels out most of the noise-producing causes and led you to travel anyway, easily and quietly.

When disturbance causes features and is canceled, it is huge easy to place the generator where ever you want to without getting noticed. The size of the generator can be analyzed with a calculated estimation if you are using an air conditioner as well.

The starting watts of the air conditioner range from 2000 to 3500 watts and the additional appliance can use up to 800 watts. in this case, the best and ideal generator size for the RV would be 4000W.

Inverter Generators:

The RV sometimes includes sensitive electronics that might raise the question of the use of a large portable generator. On basis of technicalities, it can be used but the professionals recommend not to.

It is because the large portable generators include higher Harmonic Distortion (THD), which can potentially damage sensitive devices.

Portable inverter generators do not suffer from such problems and can be safely used with sensitive devices like computers, laptops, charging phones, etc.

Increase In Power Capacity:

The power output of the Honda inverter generators can be increased by parallel capability which doubles the power supply enabling you to increase power consumption.

This then can solve the problem mentioned earlier about the heavy consumption wattage for an air conditioner without refilling the generator’s tank during your long road rides.

The carefree safe electric backup doubles the joy and pleasure of your RV and helps you in running your appliances smoothly and consistently.


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