Where Are Briggs And Stratton Generators Made?

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Where Are Briggs And Stratton Generators Made

Where Are Briggs And Stratton Generators Made?

Where Are Briggs And Stratton Generators Made?

Manufacturing Facilities:

A home standby generator is usually needed in the hour of a power outage when your family and yourself are in the need of temporary substitute electricity.

The Briggs and Stratton generators are carefully engineered by professionals for assembling, designing, and providing top-notch and best customer satisfaction.

The generators are assembled every year in facilities that are US-based including Missouri, Poplar Bluff. Some facilities are held in New York as well in Munns Ville.

Professional Task Force:

Briggs and Stratton also provide the services of building and assembling over 9 million engines within the US which is one of the many locations stateside.

The large number of 30,000 employees across six states shows the vast and hardworking family of the organization. The assured reliability and line quality have been topped resulting in peace of mind with every model.

Where Are Briggs And Stratton Generators Made?


The history of the Briggs and Stratton generators started from Milwaukee where the first-ever generator is built and consistently has an expanded business ever since.

The generator model has evolved through time and its present structural frame bears an affordable price when compared to its competitors creating a prominent position in the market.


Does a question then generate about what other reasons might make this model your prominent choice? The reasons are listed wide including a prominent source of an emergency power outage in situations such as hurricanes, at a construction site where there is no supply of electricity, power source for family holidays at RV; Briggs and Stratton generators provide reliability everywhere.

The attractive features of the generator include its long time working of 10 hours on a tank of 2.5 gallons, an electrical startup with no fuss of starting the generator manually whenever it is needed, a comprehensive addition of accessories that provide you all the necessary units to make it ready to use as soon as the product is purchased.

For further other reasons such as uninterrupted use of computers and consistent power to refrigerators, this generator is undoubtedly a top-choice.

It is easy to operate with convenient portability. The extended warranty of three full years is another reason why it is marked for its reliability.


The Briggs and Stratton generators are built with great care and significantly for providing you instant, protective yet powerful electricity power outage within an affordable price range and extensive time warranty for easy replacement or repair. It is a wise investment to make to enjoy an uninterrupted power supply.


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