Where Are DuroStar Generators made?

Where are DuroStar Generators madeWhere are DuroStar generators made?


DuroStar is the brand that manufactures generators under the company name of DuroPower, which is originally based in Ontario, California founded in 2003. This is one of the leading brands that design, assemble, and built generators with quality manufacturing under an affordable price bracket. The main ownership is signed under Dexin International Inc that owns a similar brand of DuroMax as well.


The company has expanded over the years as it built its products based on reliability, quality, durability, customer satisfaction through customer services, and a specialized team of professionals for manufacturing motors and generators. 


The range of the generators for which the company is well-known includes mainly residential and commercial building usage in case of emergency and power outage. It is also known for its technology-leading mechanism and upgradations in the existing brands enabling dual-fuel generator production as well.


The DuroStar generators are self-sufficient due to the production of their motors and engines as well. The brand consists of twenty different models and a couple of unique models for engine cylinders of one, three, and four. The reliability and feasibility are the main points of consideration of the company. The ergonomics and functionality of the generations are designed to adapt to an environment of any kind leaving an easy path of automatic running. Whether you need an energy backup for your RV or any other possible emergency, these generators can always anticipate.


The variety allows the customer to settles upon their needs and budget. The quick installation kit allows easy transport of the generator using all-terrain wheels and foldable handles. The overload protection with circuit breaker feature allows you full protection against accidental overloads. The generators are designed for low maintenance with large fuel tanks which minimizes the frequent refilling of tanks and allows you to enjoy an uninterrupted energy supply.

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