Best Generator Transfer Switch

Best Generator Transfer Switch

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Power shortage can occur at any time and for any time duration. This can cause difficulty for the people living in houses, apartments, or offices. The generator is one of the best assets that can save you from this difficult time.

But to attach the generator with the home appliances you need the best generator transfer switch. Without that, you will not be saved.

Let’s first discuss what is transfer switch for the generator

A transfer switch is basically an essential part of any backup system. A transfer switch is structured to supply the electric power from any power circuit collected from different other power resources.

If you want to attach the generator to your home or any other place transfer switch plays an important role in it. It is illegal to connect the generator directly with any point of main circuit wiring because it can cause damage and can be a cause of a short circuit.

Best Generator Transfer Switch

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Manual transfer switch(Best Dual Fuel)

manual-transfer-switch-for-generatorThese types of switches are easy to set up and allow you to switch the power manually from the grid by just flipping the switch.

These switches are reasonable and user-friendly but you have to go outside whenever you want to start the generator at a time of power shortage.


  • Reasonable.
  • Reliable
  • Easy to setup
  • You can manage a load of power on the generator manually
  • Suitable for portable generators

The only drawback you can find in it is if you want to start the generator you have to go to and flip the switch.

2.) Automatic transfer switch(Budget-friendly)

automatic-transfer-switch-for-generatorThis switch allows you to switch the power automatically when it finds the power coming from the grid to the generator is low. you don’t have to go and flip the switch to start.

you may find these switches costly, but these are more user-friendly. These are designed for whole-house stand by generators


  • It is easy to use.
  • As it is programmable so You can set the power load according to your needs.

if you want to see drawback then you can find that it is costly than the manual transfer switches

Following are some best transfer switch for generator:

  • Generac 6333
  • Reliance Products 510C Pro
  • Connecticut Electric EmerGen
  • Generac RTSW200A3
  • Generac 200-Amp Automatic Smart Transfer Switch w/ Power Management

3.) Generac 6333(Dual Fuel Generator)

generac-6333-generatorThese switches are basically designed for portable generators. And it is included in the types of the manual transfer switch. These are not much costly and are single-load transfer.

These switches are a safe way to help the generator to provide the power to home, office, apartment safely. Designed for the indoor surface. Its body is all steel design it can be used for any 125/259v generator that can run up to 15000watts.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • No front door panel.

4.) Reliance Products 510C Pro: (Quietest)

reliance-products-510c-pro-generatorThis switch body is made up of double steel. It is also used for portable generators and is a manual switch type. It works for generators that provide 12500 watts of power.

An analog meter is inserted in it so monitoring can be done easily. All main appliances can be run with the help of this generator like AC, Refrigerator, etc.


  • The length of the wires are short
  • Easy to monitor
  • Cost-effective
  • The body is designed with double steel

5.) Connecticut Electric EmerGen: (Best Overall)

Connecticut Electric EmerGenThis is also used for portable generators and is the type of manual transfer switch. It consists of double-throw rocker switches so it eliminates the chances of any danger. It is reliable and works with two pole circuits. It can not only run the home appliances like ac, refrigerators but can also use for water pumps.


  • It is Compatible with all fuse boxes.
  • Reliable
  • Can be used indoor as well as outdoor
  • Safe

6.) Generac RTSW200A3: (High Speed)

Generac-RTSW200A3-generatorIt is one of the automatic transfer switches and can be used for home apartments or even for offices. it can work for the generators whose running watts are 48000.

It can easily be repair and its maintenance is also easy. Its body structure is designed in such features that it remains protected.


  • User friendly.
  • Easy to maintain
  • Suitable for big offices as well as small apartments.

7.) Generac 200-Amp: (Cheap)

200-Amp-Automatic-Smart-Transfer-Switch-generatorIt is the automatic transfer switch. This switch helps the generator to work smartly means it allows the generator to provide the energy according to the appliances so a load of power on the generator fluctuates.

Many home appliances can run on it even multiple AC can also be used on it. Load and power can be monitored easily. Its body is structured with aluminum and remains restless.


  • Easy to monitor
  • Easy to handle
  • Many modules are installed in it
  • easy to maintain
  • weatherproof resistance


The above detail of the generator transfer switch will help you to choose the best switch. As it is an important thing so try to choose the switch according to the generator watts and the use. Not try to wire the switch of your own, let the professional person do it. And while purchasing the switch be sure to purchase the comprehensive kit. That includes all the parts in a single kit so you can easily install it.

Buying Guide Best Generator Transfer Switch

A generator transfer switch is a tiny piece of electrical setup that is mandatory for you to have, of course, if you have a generator. A generator transfer switch is generally built for making up a connection bridge between your home power source and that of the generators that mean a generator will be able to run the electrical appliances in your home only if it is connected with a transfer switch.

That is just one dimension of the functionality of the generator transfer switch as these tiny miraculous devices have great potential to do wonders based on various types and underlying purposes.

A good generator transfer switch is assumed to detect the power kick out and run the backup power of the generator to run through the home power source, it also detects when the power is kicked back in the system to prevent the generator from running idly and preventing from power blinks again and again.

A great transfer generator is capable enough to let you have a steady current flow at home without involving power blinks and recurring surges by transferring the power input from the generator to the national power line or vice versa.

You might be pushing hard on you by saying that an extension cord is quite good for hooking up the generator to the power supply line as it is not a wise decision, neither safe nor economical.

Yes you read right using an extension cord in place of a transfer switch is not economical since it can cause the back feed and might add up the generator driven energy into your electricity bill making you pay double once for fuel and once for the electricity bill, but a transfer switch will save you from that disaster by cutting off the back feed and running the electrical wattage of the generator through the home electrical system and not through the connection main power line.

Doing all these wonders is only possible if you have a great generator transfer switch with you and for having that you need to go through the following features before buying your ideal product.


This is the foremost consideration before buying your generator transfer switch and it is to ensure the compatibility of the switch with the power potential of the generators which is supposed to be connected with the electrical panel of home circuits.

This is being given due concern that just as a small wattage switch is not a good one for a high voltage generator same is the case with a switch that has too high a peak wattage which you ideally not need to have. Thus you must need your wattage needs and have the compatible generator and transfer switch accordingly.

What’s In The Box:

A generator should be coming as a complete package so that you don’t have to get yourself a tire of finding compatible accessories. Therefore an ideal generator package is having to offer its users all that is mandatory for the setup including tool kits, transfer switch, extension cord, fuel gauge, etc.

But if you are buying a transfer switch from outside the package you must ensure that it is auto-tuned and auto wired to make the installation process easier and simplified. It must also be coming with long extension cords and other needed wires to make a connection between the home electrical panel and generator.

An auto-tuned transfer switch will save your labor cost as you can easily install it on your own if you have a little know-how of it cutting short on the need of hiring a professional electrician to do that for you.

Automated Or Manual Operation:

After selecting your wattage and package you must move on to decide whether you want to have a manual transfer switch or an automated one, there are obviously many underlying factors that will guide your decision, with budget and ease being the two topmost considerations for that.

If you want to have a cheaper and simple to install transfer switch then you should go for a manual transfer switch but for that, you have to come to your generator every time there is a power outage, that is you have to manually change the power source from the utility line to the generator.

But if you plan to have an automatic generator your generator or more specifically the transfer switch will detect the power kick out and convert the power source to the generator but this ease doesn’t come easy on the pocket and you must be ready to spend a good enough of a fortune for having an automated transfer switch.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Size Transfer Switch Do I Need For My Generator?

The size of the transfer switch is a relative aspect to the generator’s peak current flow and for matching your generator transfer switch with your generator’s workload you need to ensure maximum compatibility with the peak potential of the generator.

This could be understood by a simple example that if you have a generator which has different power outlets, you need to observe it for a maximum power outlet and suppose the largest outlet has 30 amperes written on it then you have to buy a transfer switch that offers a 30-ampere flow and this will allow the transfer switch to have the full power load of the generator.

What Does A Transfer Switch Do For A Generator?

The generator transfer switch is more of a safety device than a utility and it prevents the back feed of the generator that is the running of the generator power to run through the utility lines contributing to the electrical bill.  Thus a generator transfer switch hooks up the generator to the power circuit in-home and lets the owners have a steady current flow in a power outage and kick-outs.

Which Is Better Transfer Switch Or Interlock?

The transfer switch is a more affordable and safer option but if we technically evaluate both of these power converting devices have their own ups and downs with transfer switch being a safety device but connecting only to an isolated number of a circuit in-home while an interlock is designed to get connected to any circuit inside the electrical system of the house but this might cause overriding and short-circuiting of the circuit.

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