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GENERAC GP2200I  Review


In the world of competition, Generac has made successful efforts for building it up through the market and certainly trying to retain its position by innovating advanced features generators.

The Generac GP2200i is a portable, versatile, and inverter generator that catches our attention due to its attractive and reliable features.

It includes a compact device body that carries out all the internal tools efficiently including one gallon of fuel tank and a control panel with protected outlets.

Generac GP2200I  Review

The portability of GENERAC GP2200I is made easy for both indoor as well as outdoor and traveling purposes majorly for efficient RV use. It offers easy storage due to its lightweight of 47 lbs. and compact design.

The generator is easy to handle for portability and low maintenance. Also, offers various advanced and protected technologies for safe use.

The generator is overall a wise investment to make if looking for an affordable power supply and carries 3 years of residential and commercial warranty.

Features GENERAC GP2200I Generator Review:

Generac GP2200i inverter generator provides a starting voltage of 2200W and a running voltage of 1800W. The clean sine wave inverter power helps in the clean output of energy by keeping the engine safe.

The eighty-cc OHV engine helps power up the whole generator and keep up with the quality run time.

The one-gallon tank provides 10.75 hours of run time at a 25 percent load on a full tank and 7 hours of working at 50 percent of the load. The manual recoil starts are installed as that of other traditional inverter generators.

The TruePower technology helps in clean and protected power output for sensitive appliances. The Economy mode helps in less load on the engine and more fuel-efficient quality.

The built-in LED light indicators help to indicate when oil is running low, when the generator is ready to use, and when it’s overloaded. Read this How to Reset Generac 22kW Generator

The 1.5A USB port helps in charging smart appliances like mobile phones, laptops, and lights. The low oil shutdown feature enables the engine to stop working at low oil and keep it from any resistance.

The control panel is topped with an additional plastic cover to keep the outlets safe. The overall compact design is made considering the presence of any damp weather or rain.

The outlets include five 20R 120V duplex receptibles and USB ports explained earlier. A 12V DC aux outlet is also included on the control panel. The noise level is 57 dB at 100% load and 48 dB at 25% load.

The unit is capable of charging various appliances like small appliances including microwaves or mini-fridges, and smart appliances. It includes the feature of parallel capacity and helps in increasing the power when required.

The parallel kit is sold separately. The generator includes 3 years of residential and commercial warranty.

What We Like
  • The running and starting voltages are 1800 and 2200 respectively
  • It is a reliable unit to use
  • Durable use
  • Includes easy handling and easy maintenance
  • The run time is 10.75 hours at 25 percent of load and 7 hours at 50 percent
  • It complements the design as it is compact and lightweight
  • The noise level ranges from 48 to 52dB
  • It is loaded with outlets for AC, DC, and USB ports usage
  • It is powerful as it provides reliable run time
  • The eco-mode made it fuel-efficient and low load on the engine
  • It is highly portable as it weighs only 47 lbs.
What We Don't Like
  • Not a fine choice to run the AC overnight

FAQs About GENERAC GP2200I Generator REVIEW

What Kind Of Outlets Does It Support?

It includes five 20R 120V duplexes receptible for AC output, a 1.5A USB port for smart appliances, and a 12V DC outlet aux. all are placed on the control panel which covers them with additional plastic protectors.

What Is Running And Starting Watts?

The running watts are 1800W and the starting watts of 2200W.

What Is The Capacity Of The Fuel Tank?

The capacity of the fuel tank is one gallon which further provides an efficient run time.

Does It Have Any DC Outlet?

The 12V DC outlet aux is available on the control pane; which is required to be used on full load.

What Kind Of Appliances does The Unit Support?

Appliances such as microwaves and mini-fridge, smart appliances like mobile phones, laptops, and other outdoor devices including RVs.

What Is The Run Time?

The run time is 10.75 hours at 25 percent of the load and that of 7 hours of runtime on that 50 percent of the load.

What Is The Weight Of The Generator?

The device is portable and is made lightweight at 47 lbs. for easy carry.

What Advanced Technologies Does It Acquire?

The TruePower technology for easy and clean energy, an economy mode that makes the device fuel-efficient, a low oil indicator that helps ensure optimal quantity of oil, and automatic shutdown technology for engine protection.

What Is The Warranty For The Unit?

The device offers 3 years of commercial and residential warranty.


Generac GP2200i inverter generator is one of the easy-handling generators which proves effective indoors as well as outdoors for emergency backups. The generator provides running watts of 1800W and starting watts of 2200W with 10.75 hours of runtime at 25 percent of the load and 7 hours of run time on that at 50 percent of the load.

TruePower Technology, Economy Mode, Low Oil Indicator, and Automatic Shut-Down technology have made the device easy and protective to use against electric appliances. The unit is a fine partner for traveling as it provides enough energy for the RV and other outdoor appliances. The noise level is at a minimum on both loads; at 100 percent of the load, it has a noise level of 57 dB and 48 dB at 25% load.

The light indicator helps in informing about the oil level and when the generator is ready to use. The device is CARB compliant and offers 3 years of commercial and residential warranty and is considered a wise investment because of its reliable and durable performance.

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