Generac GP2500i Generator Review

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Generac GP2500i

Generac GP2500i

Generac generators are particularly renowned for their heavy-duty appraisal and large load-carrying capacities. But you don’t have to dishearten yourself as you can also find a great quality Generac generator that is meant for low loads or minimal power supply requirements.

Generac GP2500i Review

If you want to have an efficient portable generator that is your go-to choice for tailgate parties and camping then this Generac GP2500i is your best buddy.

So, let us have a detailed account of its features and specs to decide if this robust and compact generator is a worthy choice for tailgaters and campers or not.



Generac GP2500i portable generator has a peak watts of 2500 which are its starting watts while the running watts of GP2500i are 2200.

Fuel Type and Capacity:

The GP2500i like other generators in the series runs on Gasoline fuel and has a small fuel-carrying capacity of holding 1 Gal fuel.


Generac covers 3 years consumer limited warranty as their standard warranty applies to all of their listings. This is a limited parts guarantee and doesn’t cover intentional damage


Generac GP2500i review has a runtime of 4 Hrs. and this is possible at only 50% Load. If you reduce the load to 25% you can enjoy the generator running for 8 hours.


Generac GP2500i is a small and compact generator that is designed considering the small power requirements in outdoor areas.

If you are a camper or a tailgater then you would need to light your camp, or your RV, run some small appliances like your projector for arranging a movie night, power your speakers to play some music, or use the charging adapters.

All of these appliances don’t demand much power and therefore you wouldn’t have to carry a heavy-duty 12k or 24k watts generator with you.

This is where a small robust buddy like GP2500i will be more than enough for your needs and you can easily carry it along with you whenever the need arises. Also need to know How Much Is A Generac Generator.

Engine And Power:

Generac GP 2500i has a capable and fuel-efficient engine that is a four-stroke OHV engine powered by a single-cylinder 98cc invertor engine.

This engine produces 20.8-ampere power as its peak amperage while its running amperage is 18.3 and this running amperage is more than enough to let you charge multiple devices at a time.

You can use this small generator to power a heavy-duty appliance for a while but it won’t power it for long or power multiple appliances simultaneously.

In simple words, the Generac GP2500i won’t power you an air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave, or TV at the same moment but you can run the AC or microwave one at a time.

The same goes for your TV and refrigerators. This rule doesn’t apply to small appliances and you can run various small appliances all at once without a mind about which one to off and which one to let run.


The runtime of any generator is complementary to its fuel tank capacity and the fuel efficiency of its engine. This Generac GP2500i portable generator review has a good and highly fuel-efficient engine but it doesn’t have a large fuel capacity tank.

You can only put 1 gallon of gasoline fuel in it and this automatically reduces the runtime of this generator compared to other generators with large fuel tanks.

The average runtime of GP2500i is 8 hours operating it at 25% load such as running it at the minimum appliances during daytime in your RV.

But increasing the load at night will reduce the runtime but let you use it for longer if you let the RV run on 50% load all throughout the day. Therefore, the runtime of GP2500i will become 4 hours at 50% load capacity.

Fuel Capacity:

The fuel capacity of Generac GP2500i is 1 gallon and it is powered by gasoline fuel. The gasoline fuel along with an efficient OHV engine will give you the maximum power supply that is needed to run your RVs.

This Generac GP2500i generator has multiple receptacles to match your requirements. You can use the AC or DC outlets depending on your need.

One commendable feature of this generator is that it also allows you to the USB ports where you can directly charge your smartphones and connect speakers having USB Type C connectivity.

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The Generac GP2500i generator may include the following features:

Compact and Portable Design:

The GP2500i is portable and lightweight, making it simple to bring with you wherever you go.

Quiet Operation :

The GP2500i is one of the quietest portable generators available thanks to a muffler and other noise-reducing features.

Fuel Efficiency:

The GP2500i’s fuel-efficient design enables it to run for a considerable amount of time on a small amount of fuel.

Inverter Technology :

Because the GP2500i has an inverter, it generates safe, reliable power that may be used with delicate devices.

Multiple Outlets:

It is simple to power a number of devices using the GP2500i’s several outlets, which include regular AC outlets, USB ports, and a 12V DC outlet.

Easy to Start:

Push-button starting is available on the GP2500i, making it simple and quick to get it going.

Safety Features:

Numerous safety features, including a low-oil shutdown mechanism that helps to prevent engine damage, are included in the GP2500i.

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Reason To Buy
  • Quieter engine operation
  • USB receptacles available
  • Multiple certifications to ensure safety for RV and outdoor environments.
  • RV Compatible
Reason To Don’t Buy
  • Limited wattage
  • Low load-carrying capacity

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is The Generac GP2500i Generator Used For?

The Generac GP2500i is a portable inverter generator that is designed for use in a variety of applications, including camping, tailgating, and as a backup power source for home use.

How Portable Is The GP2500i?

The Generac gp2500i review features a compact design, and a built-in handle, and is made to be lightweight and portable. It is convenient to carry about because of this.

Is The GP2500i Easy To Start?

Yes, the GP2500i comes with a simple push-button start that makes it simple and quick to get it going.

Which Engine Oil Is Best for Generac GP2500i?

The GP2500i is advised to run on SAE 10W-30 oil. This is a typical weight of oil that can be used in the majority of small engines, including portable generators.

The Bottom Line:

Generac GP2500i is a low-wattage generator that provides a runtime of 4 hours at 50% load and has a limited fuel capacity. It is powered by an efficient OHV engine that yields a smooth sailing performance and has a low noise operation. It produces only 60 dBA noise at its 25% load. You can enjoy the lightweight and convenient generator while transporting it to your tailgate site. It also offers USB ports for quick recharging using type C ports.

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