Best Generators For Apartments

Best Generators For Apartments
Looking for the Best Generators For Apartments? You’ve come to the right place.

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Electricity is a necessity for everyone’s life. If there is a shortage of electricity it will bring a lot of problems in life. Whether you live in a house or an apartment you never know what will happen next. There can be any natural disaster, a global issue that can cause a power shortage.

The need to have an in-hand electric supply is essential in that regard and this problem is fulfilled with the usage of generators.

The best generators for apartments are categorized with different features and qualities that help in even the supply of power throughout the shortage of electric supply.

Things To Consider Before Buying:

Generators are considered a long-term investment as they come with a significant amount of money. For every reason, there are some things that are needed to be considered in the generator model while making a purchase.

Warranty: The warranty sets the quality of the manufacturing of the model which shows the durability period it. The greater the time period offered officially, the longer the product performs effectively.

Running Time: The running time is a great deal to look into as it is the main purpose of generators to provide prolong electric supply in case of an uncertain shortcut. The longer the running time is offered, the longer the generator is able to perform.

Efficiency: The efficiency is related to the performance of a generator at minimal use of fuel. It shows the economic mode of power and increases efficiency.

Best Generators For Apartments

1. Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS:  Air-Cooled Standby (20,000-Watt)

kohler-20rescl-200sels-20kw-generatorThis is one of the best generators you can use for the home or apartments. This generator is connected with the devices you want to run and is kept outside the department. the system can be compared with the system of ac.

The fuel system is used to run this generator and when you are facing a power outage it will start automatically due to the electrical panel fix in it. you don’t have to rush and start the generator.
This generator will power up your home appliances like a fridge ac heater or whatever you have at the same time within 10 seconds so you don’t have to wait long.

The generator’s specification includes its surge wattage which is 20000 watts and running wattage of 17000 watts. The fuel tank capacity is 3.9 gallons which then runs quietly with 69-decibel units of noise. The unit is controlled with an automatic transfer switch.

The unit can be run off both natural gas and propane with different running times. The corrosion-free body comes with a compact design that protects it from weather-caused destructions and little dimensions of 48 x 26.2 x 29 inches.

These are the stand-by generators that are installed outside houses. It is back up with 5 years of commercial warranty.


What We Like
  • Whole apartment Transfer Switch
  • Backed with Long Warranty
  • Build to Outlast the Outage
  • Rust free structure
  • High Power Quality
  • It contains a heavy-duty engine in it,
  • Its response time is fast
What We Don't Like
  • Needs a heating kit for oil
  • Massive and heavy

2. Generac 7043 Home Standby: With Air Cooled (22kW/19.5kW)

generac-7043-home-standby-generatorThe second best generator for apartments is Generac 7043 Home Standby. This generator has an automatic backup feature so you will not face any trouble when there will be a shortage of electricity in your apartment.

It is connected to the apartments existing LP or natural gas fuel supply and starts its functionalities in seconds when it senses that there is a low power in the apartment. It is one of the best power provider generators per kilowatt.

One of its features is that it has a G –Force engine in it and due to this feature it is one of the reliable generators. This generator start’s automatically when the electricity power is low and keeps giving its services until the power is back.

Mobile Link Technology helps with the easy starting up of the generator with the help of smart appliances like phones, tablets, or laptops. Its G-Force Engine is a pressure-lubricated, efficient, and high performance that requires less maintenance.

TruePower Technology reduces the distortion level and delivers the best quality and clean power for sensitive appliances. The corrosion resistance steel body is compatible to be used in all sorts of weather.

The unit has an LCD display which helps in the indication of fuel capacity, low oil indication. The warranty is marked for 5 years and lifetime technical support.


What We Like
  • Its body is rust-resistant.
  • It can easily be installed and managed in the apartment.
  • Whole House Transfer Switch
  • LED lights are installed in it which shows its status.
  • High power technology.
What We Don't Like
  • Only 10 circuit switches can be transferred on this generator
  • This generator does not contain a battery.

3. Champion 100111: (For Little Apartment)

champion-7500-generatorThis champion generator is not used only in the apartments but also has the feature that you can take it to any place means it is a little moveable is safe and is user-friendly.

A kit of two-wheel is also attached to it .and has u shaped handle that is folded so the user can handle it easily.

The one-touch button is inserted in it this generator has an electric start feature, machines start, within seconds so you don’t have to wait. It has cold start technology too so can easily work in cold weather without any trouble.

The Champion 100111 has two engines. It runs through a powerful 717cc V-twin engine which is air-cooled and is furnished with a low-oil shut-off that protects it when the oil gets too little.
It has all features you can find in other moveable generators.

With a starting wattage of 15000watts and 1200 watts for running wattage, the unit offers powerful assistance. On a full tank of gasoline of capacity of 5.9 gallons, it can provide 9 hours of running time and a noise level of 78 decibels.

The outlets on the control panel are made plastic-covered which includes 120V 30A locking, a 120/240V 30A locking outlet, one 120/240V 50A, and four 120V 20A GFCI outlets.

Cold Start provides easy starting in cold weather without jamming any part or tools of the generator. Intelligence enables the tracking of voltage units, hertz, and run-time hours so it is easy to note maintenance intervals and power output. The unit is back up with 3 years of warranty and lifetime technical support.


What We Like
  • GFCI protected household outlets
  • EPA and CARB compliant
  • The steel body of good quality.
  • Low oil shut-off sensor
  • Has Cold Start Technology in it.
  • Easy electric start functionality.
What We Don't Like
  • Expensive in range.
  • Heavy in weight.

4. Generac 7033 Air Cooled: Guardian Series (11kW/10kW)

generac-7033-air-cooled-generatorGenerac 7033 generator is a standby generator. It is user-friendly and you can use it without any difficulty. It starts automatically you don’t have to go outside the apartment to start it. It gives power to your whole apartment and all your appliances run smoothly on it.

This generator provides you the best quality power without creating noise. You can enjoy its facility without having any trouble. Batteries are used in this generator. This device has a built-in multilingual LCD which shows the power status of batteries and with this facility maintenance level of batteries can also be tracked.

Equipped with True Power Technology, it enables the easy supply of clean, powerful, and safe electric output. The Mobile Link Remote Monitoring helps with easy start and shut off the generator and also keeps an update of oil levels and capacity.

The LED lights indicate the oil level remains, heating meter, and on-off situation of the unit. Its maintenance is made easy with easily remove sides of generators.

It has a corrosion-free body frame that can bear any kind of hard weather. The G Force engine helps with a powerful electric supply. It has 5 years of backup warranty with separately sold batteries.


What We Like
  • It is True Power Technology.
  • As the machine is made up of aluminum material so it is durable.
  • The generator outer layer is coated with Rhino Coat powder
  • As the device can be linked with mobile. so its monitoring is easy.
  • It has a Quiet-Test Self-Test Mode feature integrated into it.
What We Don't Like
  • Not CUL

5.) Goal Zero Yeti 400Goal Zero Yeti 400: (Best Overall)

Goal Zero Yeti 400 has its edge when it comes to easy usage and control. The generator is specifically designed for tiny electronics in case of shortfall and emergency. The unit had a running wattage of 300watts and 1200 starting wattage.

The device is gasoline-free eliminating gas odors, noisy working, and refueling. The devices that can be recharge include Smartphones, POV Cameras, tablets, laptops, Headlamps, Mini Fridge, and 32 LCD TV.

The recharging option and choices are widely extended with cars, wall in-plug, and through Sun. It provides an extremely quiet decibel working level which is almost non-noticeable.

The digital screen is able to indicate battery levels, running time remaining, and shut down timer. The unit provides pure sin wave technology for providing a clean and powerful electric supply. It includes 2 outlets of USB, one DC 12V, and two AC outlets.

The portability is made easy with a light weight of 29 pounds with dimensions of 10.25 x 8 x 8 inches which assure easy storage.

The device is perfectly suited for apartments as it covers all the essentials. It has an easy battery replacement setting that helps in extending its battery life other than a 1-year warranty which is officially offered.


What We Like
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Emergency indication through a red light
  • The reliable running time of 48 hours on low setting
What We Don't Like
  • Slow charging despite being stated 4 hours
  • Bound the same brand solar panel usage

6.) Champion 73536i 2000w : (Best Selling)Champion 73536i 2000w

Champion 73536i 2000W is one of the reliable inverter generators that provide safe and protected power to sensitive appliances. The unit offers pure sine wave technology which provides more safe and clean energy than many generators.

The generator is capable of quiet operation which perfectly suites RV owners without any interruption while running. The surge wattage of 2000watts and running wattage of 1700watts help with the easy start of a powerful engine.

The parallel capacity helps in increasing the power source unit with double stacking. The design is compact with dimensions of 16.3 x 13.2 x 19.3 inches and can easily be stored in mini areas.

The control panel has various controls over it which include an on/off switch, economy mode switch, breaker, fuel on/off switch. The indicators like overload indicator, low oil indicator, and output indicator are also equipped at the control panel. There are two outlets of 120V and a circuit breaker.

The run time is 9.5 hours at a 25 percent load on a 1-gallon full tank. The unit is made safe by installing low oil automatic shutdown which helps in protecting the engine from any resistance. The generator is back up with 3 years warranty and free technical lifetime support.


What We Like
  • Affordable as compared to competitors 2000W models
  • Lightweight with easy to control and manage
  • Quiet operation with advanced technology
What We Don't Like
  • Limited in its capacity
  • Checking the oil is a hassle

7.) Predator 3500w : (High Quality)Predator 3500w

Predator 3500W is the best-suited generator for apartment usage as well as for outdoor purposes which mainly includes camping and RV usage. It provides a starting wattage of 3500watts and a running wattage of 3000watts which is powerful enough to run various heavy appliances.

The unit is categorized as an inverter generator which helps with easy convertibility of AC output to DC and Dc output to AC where required. At a 25 percent load on 2.6 gallons of the fuel tank, the unit provides 11 hours of running time. The 212c OHV engine is powered on with an electric start rather than manual recoil start making it easy and convenient for users.

The Digital LCD Screen shows low oil volume, overload, and output light indicators. The outlets include two 120VAC grounded outlets, one 120VAC Twist lock Outlet, and one DC-12V Two Pin Outlet. The decibel level this inverter generator offers ranges up to 57 dB which is ranked as the quietest noise level. The unit is capable of parallel capacity which doubles the supply when required.

The compact design eases the storage with dimensions of 20 x 323 x 18 inches. The in-built wheels help with easy portability. The additional accessories include a DC cable, screwdriver, spark plug wrench, 30-amp RV adapter, fuel funnel, and user’s manual. The unit is back up with 2 years limited warranty with user assistance service.


What We Like
  • Super quiet performance
  • Lightweight with large capacity fuel tank
  • In-built wheels and handle
What We Don't Like
  • Doesn’t have a foldable handle that can be improved
  • Short term warranty

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Are The Best Cheap Generators In The Market?

The best cheap generators are marked with all the essential features and qualities that provide a reliable backup. They include Goal Zero Yeti 400, Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS, Generac 7043 Home Standby, Champion 100111, Generac 7033 Air Cooled, Champion 73536i 2000W generators.

What Is The Best Moveable Generator?

Honda EU2200i, Duromax XP4850EH, DeWALT DXGNR7000, and Goal Zero Yeti 400 are some of the best transferable generators in the market that weighs less with easy to move in-built wheels and easy to grip handle. Their portability is further back up with features that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Is There A Generator That Is Safe For An Apartment?

Generators that are made specifically for apartments are safe and carefully designed to fit apartment requirements. Goal Zero Yeti 400, Champion 73536i 2000W, and Predator 3500W are few examples of safe apartment generators.

What Are The Best Transferable Electric Generators?

Honda EU2200i, DuroStar DS4000S, and Duromax XP4850EH are the best transferable electric generators that are electrically started for easy usage and reliable performance.

Should You Buy A Standby Generator?

It is advisable to buy a standby generator as it helps with easy-to-use electric power in a power outage and keeps the refrigerator working for convincing. They are suited perfectly in need of an emergency.

Buying Guide Best Generators For Apartments

It is essential to have thorough research and interpret the information related to generators to make a wise and clear choice of a reliable model of need. The buying guide for the best generators for apartments is important to look into for easy comparison and choice.


The generators have ranked to various models of different varieties. There are portable generators, inverters, traditional generators, heavy-duty generators, dual-fuel generators, gasoline generators, and much more.

All type of generators offers various usage for home, offices, job sites, outdoors, RV and other. There is then the need of selecting the required and suitable type of generator which is specifically desired at your convenience.


Two wattages are seen in generators including running and surge wattage. The surge wattage ranks differently related to the powerful electric supply. They help in starting heavy appliances and powering them through a considerable number of hours. Running wattage shows on what potential does the generator is capable of powering what kind of appliances? The wattage is thus important to consider while making a choice in generators.


Features and specifications are proposed differently and have various advantages for various usage. The running time, efficiency, wattage, capacity, dual-usage are some of the features that require to be considered while making a purchase and have an effective deal of package.

Power Options:

The power options of the generators are selected according to the environment in which the generator is going to be placed. The power options can be diesel, natural gas, batteries, and propane. Natural gas is suited for commercial usage as it is a bit noisy to use.

propane is a substitute when the natural gas runs out in any case. Batteries are mostly used for a quitter and odor-free usage. It is advisable to care for the power options in the generator before making a purchase.


The size is directly related to the storage capacity and portability of the generator. It shows the different usage of units with mobility helped with in-built wheels and handle. It is important to consider this factor that helps in the easy decision.


The price of the unit is related to the value it. If the generator is capable of holding a large tank capacity, inverter system, bearable noise level, prolong running time, powerful engine performance, and various options of fuel; it can build an expensive package.

Similarly, the unit is carefully created to hold all sorts of features and with an easy affordability level. It is recommended to select a range that can uphold all the essential features and qualities of the generators.

The generator is one of the important things you must have in your apartment. It may seem that it is not an important thing but when you know there is no electricity your things are not working as a refrigerator, ac, tv, in fact, your room is dark there is no light there then you will know the value of this application.

The people who face these difficulties go in search of generators that are best for their apartments and fulfill their needs.

There are many types of generators you can use for your apartments.

To select the best generator for yourself you have kept some points in your mind :

  1. You are legally permitted to keep the generator in your apartment or outside the department.
  2. You have to estimate how much power you need in your apartment so you can select the generator according to it.
  3. You have to set the budget which you are going to spend on your generator.
  4. Determine how much power you want during an emergency power-out situation without compromising safety.

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