Champion 75537i 3100-Watt Inverter Generator Review

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CHAMPION 75537I 3100 Review


Champion 75537i 3100-watt inverter generator is one of the improved version generators offered by the company Champion. The unit is easy to go and versatile to adapt to any environment.

Moreover, Champion always assures innovative and improved models of its previous versions and has led to a remarkable marketplace.

The inverter technology is friendly to devices as it helps in clean output and saves energy output supply so that the appliances are risk-free and safe.

Champion 75537I 3100 Review

The running watts are 2800W and that of starting watts is CHAMPION 75537I 3100 which is quite powerful energy.

The AC frequency it offers is 60 Hz and provides the start mechanism of an easy recoil manual which provides it large runtime than that if the electric start is installed.

The spark arrester is also installed which helps it prevent any accident due to sparks or fires.

This generator is portable and ensures its use both in outdoor endeavors as well as in indoor places and heavy appliances.

The overall performance and features are price complements and are considered a wise investment. Furthermore, the device offers 2 years of a limited warranty and cooperative customer care for a lifetime.


Champion 755371 3400-Watt is an improved version of its previous model 75536i and therefore is more compact with dimensions of 4.4 by 14.3 by 18.3 inches (L x W x H).

It is powered by a 171cc engine that is powerful enough to charge appliances like that of an RV, other indoor appliances, and many outdoor devices for camping. The running watts are 2800W and the starting watts are of 3000W.

The unit offers advanced inverter technology which then enables a true sine wave clean output keeping the engine and appliances power protected.

The automatic shutdown technology helps the engine from ceasing and any resistance in working.

The tank capacity is 1.59 gallons which provides a runtime of 8 hours at ¼ load. The AC load outlets include two 120V household outlets and a circuit breaker of 20V for two outlets of the 5-30R duplex.

These are majorly used to power up RV and its appliances in use. It further includes a 12V 8.3A receptacle for DC loads that run on the full power mode of the engine.

The noise level is 58 decibels from 7 meters which is a little higher than that of other inverter generators but still quiet enough not to make others uncomfortable.

The economy mode switch enables the engine to efficiently use the fuel and helps with inconsistent power supply. The control panel has outlets on it and further grounding tools.

This unit is heavier than that of others and weighs 96.4 lbs. but the problem itself has a solution within the unit as it has a built-in foldable handle for easy carriage and baggage-style wheels for easy and smooth portability.

What We Like
  • Affordable in its range with a range of functions and features
  • Sine wave technology provides clean and saves power to sensitive devices
  • Easy maintenance and easy handling
  • Fuel efficient due to smart economy mode
  • Provides runtime of 8 hours at 25 percent load of a full tank
  • Easy to maneuver due to baggage-style wheels and in-built handle
  • Fairly quiet at 58 dB from 7 meters
  • Includes spark arrestor which prevents any mishap and keeps appliances safe
  • Wireless start and off remote
  • USB plug-in makes it versatile
  • Handles large appliances well due to heavy engine 
  • CARB complaint
  • Offers 2 years warranty
What We Don't Like
  • No gas drains
  • Difficult to fill the fuel tank
  • Heavier than normal

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The AC Frequency It Offers?

The AC frequency it offers is 60 Hz. The two 120V AC outlets are included in the outlet’s panel.

What Are The Starting And Running Watts Of This Device?

The starting watts are 3000W and the running watts are 2800W.

What Is Fuel Tank Capacity?

The fuel tank capacity is 1.59 gallons which provide a considerable amount of runtime. The maintenance it requires is minimal and usually lasts for years.

What Is The Weight Of The Unit?

The unit weighs 96.4 lbs. which is a little heavier than that of other investors who are cooped up with the usage of wheels and an in-built handling mechanism.

How Much Of The Runtime Does It Offer?

The unit offers 8 hours of the run time of the full tank with 25 percent of the load.

The Noise Level It Carries?

The noise level is fairly quiet at 58 dB from 7 meters. This is great as it doesn’t create any noise pollution in any open environment and never causes any problems with neighbors.

What Is a Guaranteed Warranty?

The generator offers 2 years of limited warranty with customer care support of a lifetime.

What Kind Of Outlets Does It Include?

It includes 2 120V AC household outlets, a 5-30RV duplex, and a 12V 8.3amp DC outlet.

Does It Have An Electric Start?

It doesn’t support an electric start; however, its manual recoil technology offers long runtime.

What Steps Does It Include In Maintenance?

The maintenance requirement is in the following steps:

  • Examining Oil level and replacing it when required. 
  • The oil filter was examined and replaced when needed.
  • The maintenance of a spark plug and adjusting and cleaning according to the need.
  • Check and clean the spark arrestor as required.
  • The replacement of the fuel filter and gas tank is normally done after 2 years of use.


The powerful Champion 75537i 3100-watt is a clear and wise choice to make considering its endless features which are offered in a very affordable range. The device offers 3000W and 2800W of that starting and running watts and with true sine wave technology, it gives clean power and safe energy to protect devices from any kind of fluctuation.

The automatic shutdown technology also protects the engine from any sort of ceasing and burning. Furthermore, it offers a versatile adaptation to any environment and proves to be a fine partner in outdoor adventures besides its use in indoor and emergencies.

A reliable and affordable inverter generator that provides effective backup energy in cases of backup and emergencies, Champion 75537i is on the list to consider.

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