Honda EU3000is Review: The Best 3000 Watt Generator

Honda EU3000is Review: The Best 3000 Watt Generator 【April 2022】- 101 Generator

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Honda EU3000is Review

Honda EU3000is Review

Honda company which has never disappointed its customers with its innovative and progressive advanced products; now presents the most powerful generator in the market considering all the drawbacks and faults faced in the previous models of generators.

The Honda 3000is stands in the top-notch category as it presents a number of functions and advanced features to its users and has made a remarkable place in the market showing its significant position and impact.

The unit is an absolute preference for long-term investment as it is a little bit out of the range but totally worth its price.


Honda EU3000is Review

The device  Honda EU3000is generator is compact and designed for easy portability alongside offering inverter technology.

This thus helps in its use of indoor and effective outdoor activities. The unit offers quality ranking in all terms of durability, reliability, efficiency, and distortion level.

It is made specially considering the previous model of Honda EU3000is and this is surely an improved version of the latter.

The device first time offers an electric start rather than a manual recoil system and this feature isn’t available in the fellow models.

The described features and functions for one of the best generators are as below:


Honda 3000is generator offers starting volts 3000W and of running 2800 volts which indicates a powerful supply of energy in case of backups and emergencies.

Its powerful output supply helps in powering heavy appliances as well as sensitivity because of a steady power supply.

The appliances include a regular-size refrigerator, microwave, lights, and television.

Also, it can easily charge the RV including further emergency lights and outdoor electric stoves. The device helps in both situations the outdoors and indoors.

The portability is tried to make as much as easy but due to installed features, its portability isn’t a great option of ease.

The tank capacity is 3.5 gallons which is a big plus point for the unit. At 25 percent it can work for 20 hours straight and at rated load, it works for 7.1 hours.

The device has the longest-running power among all the competitors and proves an easy energy house. The installed engine is a 196 cc Honda GX200 which is then powered up by a tank.

The dimensions of 25.9 x 17.6 x 22 inches provide it compact design for rough handling and thus prolong its lifetime.

The device has the lowest noise level of 40 dB to 57 dB. The unit is fitted with two 120V 20 amps outlets, a 120V 30 amps outlet, and a 12V 12 amps DC outlet. It offers a parallel capacity to maximize even further energy bursts.


What We Like
  • Constant and steady power delivery
  • Easy to handle and start mechanism
  • Offers advanced electric start
  • Minimal noise level of 50 dB
  • Powerful Honda 196 cc GX200 engine
  • Have a parallel capacity for improving further power
  • Easy maintenance requires once a year
  • The large capacity fuel tank of 3.4 gallons
  • Run time of 20 hours at 25 percent of load and 7.1 hours at rated load
  • Charge almost any sort of appliance
  • Starting watts of 3000W and running watts of 2800W
  • Durability ensured
  • Offers an eco-throttle system, push-start button, and low oil shut off
  • Reliable for the long-term and safe use
What We Don't Like
  • Not very easy to carry

Frequently Asked Questions About Honda EU3000is Review:

What Is Rough Handling For The Device?

The steel frame protects the internal and outer shape for rough handling and long-term use. The internal tools are precisely protected and provide fewer chances of its termination.

What Is The Warranty, The Unit Provides?

The warranty it offers is 3 – years with a separable wheel kit to cancel any fuss for portability.

What Is The Net Weight Of The Generator?

The device weighs 131 pounds due to its large tank size which makes it difficult to carry without a wheel kit.

What Kind Of Appliances Does It Support?

It supports a variety of appliances ranging from indoor regular-size refrigerators, microwaves, and RVs to emergency stoves, and lights.

It came in handy with almost every device and also has a parallel capacity to further double the power supply.

Does It Add Additional Accessories In The Package?

Unfortunately, accessories like wheel kits, storage covers, and parallel cables aren’t available in the package and are sold separately. The price itself complements its features and functions.

What Is The Fuel Capacity Of The Tank?

The capacity of the fuel tank is enormous and offers 3.4 gallons of space for oil which can provide charging for up to 20 hours.

What Is The Run Time Of The Unit?

The run time at 25 percent of the load is 20 hours and on that of the rated load, it is 7.1 hours of power supply.

What Are The Dimensions Of The Unit?

The dimensions are 25.9 x 17.6 x 22 inches which give the unit a compact design protecting every installed tool unit within.

What Are The Outlets It Provides?

The unit is fitted with two 120V 20 amps outlets, a 120V 30 amps outlet, and a 12V 12 amps DC outlet making it versatile enough for easy use and maximum energy use.

Conclusion Honda EU3000is Review:

The Honda 3000is is an unbeatable powerful inverter generator that is the first model to offer an electric start for an inverter generator. The device offers a bulk starting and running power of 3000 and 2800W respectively. The device also ranks at the top for a minimal noise level of 50 dB.

It further offers eco-throttle technology for efficient use of fuel, a low oil indicator, and an automatic shutdown mechanism to keep the engine safe from any shocks.

The rough handling of the device is good enough as it has a compact design for its tools to be properly get protected. The unit provides the largest running time of 20 hours at only 25 percent load and 7.1 hours at rated load.

The device is a perfect partner for indoor and outdoor environments as it offers a low noise level. The competitors are far behind in reaching this level of efficiency offered by this self-improved model. Furthermore, it is CARB compliant and offers 3 years of commercial and residential warranty.

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