Best Portable Generator For Home Backup Power

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Looking for the Best Portable Generator For Home Backup Power? You’ve come to the right place.

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Power shortage is one of the main issues that can be faced by anyone at any time. To solve this difficulty you must have a power backup plan which you can use instantly without taking a break.

Generators are the best resource you can use as the best power backup. Generators can be used in houses, apartments, offices, etc.

Generators for home backup can be used to run refrigerators, TV, heaters, coolers, medical devices, and many more essential things used in daily routine.

There are many portable generators for your assistance some of them are mentioned in detail so you can take a look at them.

To select the generator for purchasing some points should keep in mind like its durability, fuel efficiency has a portable facility, being user-friendly and safe, and producing watts that fulfill your requirements.

We have made proper research and listed the best portable generator for home backup for you according to its features, and customer reviews.


 Top Pick… 

The Duromax XP12000EH is the best generator. The price of this generator is too low and it comes with a 3-year warranty.

This is a generator that has dual fuel efficiency so you will not face budget issues later.

If we talk about its rating from the customer it is 4/5 which is good enough.

Best Portable Generator For Home Backup Power

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Duromax XP12000EH: (Home Generator)

duromax-xp12000eh-generatorThis is one of the most powerful portable generators used for home backup outages.

It is made up of heavy metal bodies so you can put it outside the house and it is weather-resistant .you can use it in the storm and rainy season without any worry.

There are built-in breakers present in it for your safety. The running watts of this generator are 12000 watts. It can run on gas or propane.

The fuel tank of this generator can store up to 20 gallons. And it can about 20 hours on propane when there is 50 percent of the load on it and can run up to 10 hours when it runs on gas and the load is 50 percent on the generator.

The weight of the generator is heavy so avoid keeping the generator in the basement because it will be difficult for you when you need to do its maintenance.

However, it consists of heavy big wheels so you can move it easily from one place to another. It will be good to keep it in the garage or the open area.


It is dual fuel portable generator best for home backup. It can run both on gas and propane. It is made up of a heavy metallic body and can be run in stormy weather.

Its running power is good and its run is also good so it is a bit expensive but you can run your heavy appliances and sensitive appliances on it. It comes with a 3-year warranty.

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2.) Champion 3800 Watts Dual-Fuel: (Best Power)

Champion-Dual-Fuel-generatorIt is the second-best efficient generator you can use at home for backup power. This generator has many features and has energetic power to run your appliances at home like refrigerators, TV, cooler, heater, etc.

It is made up of iron steel so it is very durable. The running watts of this generator is 3800 watts.

The fuel tank in this generator can store 20 lb. of gas. It has a dual fuel feature so it can run both on gas and propane.

On gas, it can run up to 9 hours and can run till 10 hours on the propane tank. It is user-friendly and folded handles are used to carry it easily from one place to another.


It has a dual fuel feature. This generator has cold start technology means you can use it in cold weather on gas as well. It is structured with an iron steel body so it is safe and durable.

The oil sensor feature is also present in it stops the engine when the oil level is low. Its engine type is 4 stroke.

This generator has a touch start feature so you can easily start the turn off when you need it. It comes with a 3-year warranty.

3.) Westinghouse WGen7500: (Light-Weighted)

westinghouse-wgen7500-generatorThis portable generator only works on gas. It does not have the feature to run on propane.

However, it has only a single power run-up facility but its run time is good.

It can run up to 16 hours when the load on the generator is 25 percent.

It can start or turn off just by pressing the button of remote and you don’t have to go outside to start it.

The generator has the capacity to store up to 6 gallons of gas in it. The starting watts of this generator are 9500 and the running watts are 7500 w.

Its body is made up of steel which makes it durable and safe for you. It is EPA approved and is CARB compliant.


This generator has a long run time feature. You can start is with a remote from a distance of 109 yards. It has cold start technology.

The startup type of this generator is electrical and recoil. It is user-friendly and durable. It can easily move from one place to another.

It has many features and can run your many appliances for a long time so due to load efficiency, the noise of this generator is loud as compared to the above-mentioned generators. It comes with 3 years warranty.

4.) Wen 56200i: (Little Bit Expensive)

Yamaha-EF2000iSv2-Gas-GENERATORThis generator is the quietest generator among the all above mention generators. It is not only good at running heavy appliances but is best and suitable for sensitive devices like laptops, smartphones, music devices, etc.

The running watts of the generator is 1600w. And can run up to 6 hours when the load on the generator is 50 percent. The capacity of fuel is 1 gallon.

It has the facility to connect the parallel generator if you want more power to run the things in the house. It is a light weighted generator the weight is just 50 pounds.

It is easy to place and much easy to move from one area to another. You can use it at any tailgating party or even carry it with you when you for camping.


The noise of this generator is very low you have easily had a conversation with your fellow being without any disturbance.

It is small in size and can easily move from one place to another. The running watts are quite good and efficient.

According to its size and features, the run time is also good. Its engine is 4 stroke OHV, which is good. Good for tailgating parties and camping and to run the sensitive appliances at home.

Buying Guide Best Portable Generator For Home Backup Power

A great portable generator is one that has enough potential to do the assigned tasks and should be powerful enough to run the home electrical appliances as the prerequisite for its purchase.

Besides the portability and lightweight body, a portable generator for home backup power should have the following points to consider before purchase.

Auto Start:

For a great portable generator for home backup power, it is highly recommended to have an automatic start as this feature will let the device power on by itself when the light goes without the need for turning it manually on.

Low Oil Shutoff:

Low oil shutoff is a safety feature that is great to have in a portable generator and all other types as it ensures maximum engine safety by preventing the engine from damage under low oil conditions.

Low oil shut off wok by sensing the oil level in the engine and when the level falls below a critical level the engine is turned out cutting the power supply to prevent any damage to be caused.

Removable Console:

The removable console is another very pleasing consideration of a generator as having this one feature in the device will allow it to attach and detach the various appliances in the home without any external connection mediated through the extension cords.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can A 10000 Watt Generator Power A House?

10KW generator is good enough to power a house and the power production of this much energy level is enough to operate the majority of the home electrical appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, well pumps, kitchen products, and light circuits.

How Big Of A Generator Do I Need To Run A House?

Running a house is a bit more complex task for a generator than running a single heavy-duty device and this is because the wattage of several tiny home appliances adds up to make up a huge power sum that demands a compatible enough generator to hold on to.

The majority of the 4000- 7000 watts generators are strong enough to run the most crucial appliances in the home and thus are a good deal for that.

What Size Generator Do I Need To Run My AC?

To know the generator size capable of powering on the air conditioner you need to know the ton capacity of the air conditioner and this could be easily known by looking at the data plate of the AC and after that calculating the size of the compatible generator as 1 ton AC will be smoothly operating at 3.517 KW or 3517 watts.

Generally, a 2000-3000 watts generator will be enough to power on a generator but for efficient performance, you must ensure a 3.5KW unit.

What’s The Quietest Generator On The Market?

Honda  EU2200i is the top model in the market known for its quietest operation and its 1800 or 2200 watts engine is calibrated to produce only 49 decibel of noise which is a very low intensity to annoy the human ear and therefore it doesn’t create any unpleasant sounds in human ear making it a pleasing device to have.

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