Honda EU2000i- 2000 Watt Generator Review

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Honda EU2000i Review

Honda EU2000i- 2000 Watt Generator Review

Honda EU2000i – 2000watt generator is an improved unit for previous units offered by Honda i.e. EU2000 and EU1000-watt generators.

It proves the best in terms of portability, durability, and reliability. As it came with advanced and improved technology, it offers more of the features and functions to customers.

it offers the hold of large voltage as it comes with a heavy engine at 98.5cc. A perfect camping partner that can maintain a heavier load and use an efficient amount of fuel to work.

Honda EU2000i Review

The generator bears inverter technology for easy convertibility of AC output to DC and that of DC output to AC. Although it doesn’t come with an electric start, the producers work on improving its recoil technology.

The detailed review for Honda EU2000i- 2000watt is as below:


The Honda EU2000i offers generators that are 2200 watts and a running power of 1800 watts. It weighs 45 lbs. and has dimensions of 20.1 x 11.4 x 16.7 Inches.

The device has a noise level of 59 to 53 dB which is considered extremely quiet for this much large engine to operate.

The device thus proves to be a great partner for outdoor activities as it won’t be a problem for neighbors. The unit helps with charging up lights, a portable oven, and mini microwaves for outside adventures.

It only makes noise when starting up refrigerators and then moves back to its eco mode once it starts working.

Regular maintenance requires the cleaning of air filters by removing the cowl. The oil indicator is positioned in the front panel which blinks for low oil.

It offers parallel capacity so that it can double the power. It offers a 120V AC outlet and a 12V DC outlet. The device promises a great deal of efficiency and allows 3-years of residential and commercial warranties.

The device offers a reliable star rating of 4.8 and also has consistent reviews like that of satisfaction. A wise investment to make offering several pros.

What We Like
  • Constant and steady power delivery
  • The powerful engine of 121cc GXR120
  • Easy portability around because of the weight of 45 lbs.
  • Fuel-efficient technology helps it work for 8 hours on eco-mode
  • Improved performance than previous models
  • Incredibly low noise level for such size engine ranging from 53 Db to 59 dB
  • Offers durability with consistent engine
  • Easy to use without any difficulty
  • Perfectly designed control panel
  • Guaranteed reliability with a 3-years residential and commercial warranty
  • Versatile due to various features and functions
  • Inverter technology eliminates any further fuss
  • Reliable working hours on a minimal fuel
  • Improved recoil technology instead of the traditional one offered by other portable generators
  • Parallel capacity with its fellow models
  • Lightweight and compact design
What We Don't Like
  • The absence of an electric start makes it sometimes difficult for new user
  • Difficult to maintain as it involves various parts to clean individually
  • Should have further charging time to offer due to the size of the engine
  • Super expensive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What Amount Of AC Voltage Does It Provide?

It is eligible for providing 120 volts AC output and provides a steady charge. The inverter technology helps in converting DC output to AC and that AC output to DC.

Does It Support Any DC Outlet?

It has a 12V DC outlet for the DC output.

Does The Generator Equip An Electric Starter?

The engine of the generator starts with a typical pull sting system and doesn’t contain any electric start-up. Although it contains an improved recoil system for an easy start.

What Kind Of Appliances Does It Support?

This unit is capable to start heavy appliances say refrigerators which generally require more than 1000W of energy.

Further, it helps with the charging of lights and sensible appliances like laptops, smartphones, and computers.

It also comes in handy in the case of a coffee pot in the kitchen or with a satellite on top of the roof.

It is a perfect companion for camping and outdoor activities due to its reliable portability and reliable compact design.

Is It Able To Support The Air Conditioner?

It can be a fine choice but doesn’t handle the load much longer in the case of an air conditioner. Although, it does help in starting up such large appliances.

What Is The Capacity Of Tank Fuel?

The capacity offered by its tank is 0.95 gallons which then helps the generator to power up for 3.5 hours at full load and 8 hours in “Eco-throttle” mode or with 25 percent load.

How Is It Maintained?

The device needs a normal routine cleaning including the air filters to clean individually removal through the unit, oil changes requirement, and the oil drain gutter is easy to maintain.

What Warranty Does It Offer?

This powerful generator with a fine engine offers 3 – years of commercial and residential warranty. This is mainly due to its compact and durable design.

Is It Suitable For Indoors?

As it offers a powerful voltage output, it can easily come in handy with heavy indoor appliances like refrigerators, coffee-pot, air conditioners, lights even satellites.

What Noise Level Does It Produce?

It offers a noise level of nearly 53 dB to 59 dB which is considered extremely quiet for a GXR129 engine 4-stroke. It equates to the noise of conversation in restaurants.

What Is The Weight Of The Generator?

It weighs 45 lbs. without fuel and helps in easy portability. The fuel weight is else than this the fuel tank that offers the space of 0.95 gallons.


Honda EU2000i watt power generator comes with inverter technology with some of the above standard techniques to offer. It has the same features as that present in any other model with inverter technology.

But the difference which makes it a top choice stands for its efficient fuel use system with good run time and powerful start-up which helps with any heavy devices.

The device has an easy start-up system but requires further improvement in the shape of an electric push start. Its protective capacity helps in a steady flow of charge. The device’s only problem is its heavy price which doesn’t even involve extra accessories.

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