Best Portable Generator Under 500$

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Best Portable Generator Under 500$

Looking for the Best Portable Generator Under 500$? You’ve come to the right place.

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Electricity is an important thing that you need every time. If you are facing a shortage of electricity and you need it then the generator is only the resource you will look forward to.

The generator is a resource that is very beneficial as well as quite expensive. There are various types of portable generators for under 500$. These generators are good in features and economical.

They are some key points that should be kept in mind while purchasing generators under $500 like the functionalities of generators, their fuel tank capacity, their power output, run time, etc.

Top Portable Generators Under 500$

The following are some searched generators according to the features, prices, and customer reviews. The following detail will help you in selecting and purchasing an economical generator under a suitable budget.

1.) The Westinghouse-3250: (Best Portable Generator)

westinghouse-3250-generatorIt is an effective model that contains a flexible body and is easy to carry with you. It serves the purpose efficiently and its features make it unique. This generator contains the following features such as:


  • It consists of the 208cc, OHV engine which is designed for durability, quiet operation, and power. Normally, it comes with an oversized catalyst and muffler.
  • It contains a comfy handle which helps carry it anywhere. And its solid wheels which are ten-inch in length.
  • Its outer structure is very protective because it keeps the engine and other machinery object safe from other materials. And due to its strong body, it reduces the risk of rusting electrical components.
  • It can run for almost 14 hours with a half load on a4 gallon of fuel.
  • It is not noisy at all. It comes with an oversized noise reduction Pulse Flo muffler and catalyst and a voltage-regulating VR system.

2.) Durostar-DS4400E Generator: (Best Power)

Durostar-DS4400E-Gas-Electric-StartThis is another effective generator that starts with an easy electrical push and it works on gas. It weighs only 120 pounds which makes it easy to carry with you; it also contains circuit breaker power outlets.

Its running watts are 3500 watts and starting watts are 4400 watts. It can run up to 8 hours. It has a fuel tank with a capacity of 3.96 gallons. Its engine is much powerful.


  • It has an alarming system that identifies that the level of oil is reduced than the limit
  • It contains a voltmeter which makes it protective against overload.
  • It has a circuit breaker power outage feature.
  • Best portable generator for outdoor activities
  • It is EPA approved generator
  • It has electric and recoils startup features

3.) Champion 3800-Watt Portable Generator: (Light-Weighted)

Champion-Power-Equipment-46539The Champion 3800-Watt Portable Generator is one of the best economical generators. It can be used for homes, offices, apartments, tailgating parties, etc. Its engine is well structure and beautiful design which increases engine life.

It is a durable product you can see in the marketplace. The running watts of this generator is 3800w and the starting watts are 3500w.

It can run up to 12 hours.  3.8 gallons of gas can be stored in its fuel tank. It is less noisy. Its weight is 139 pounds. Its handles are folded so you can move the generator easily.


  • It is user-friendly.
  • Has a wireless remote control to start the generator
  • Built-in intelligence is installed in it which shows its working hours, volts, and tracking mode .circuit breaker feature is also present in this generator.
  • It is secured by a volt guard.
  • It has a cold start feature which allows the generator to work in cold weather.
  • It is made of a double steel frame which makes it durable.

4.) Briggs and Stratton- 30466: (Little Bit Expensive) 

Briggs-and-Stratton--30466The Briggs and Stratton- 30466 Portable Generator is also a good choice to purchase. This generator has also a wireless remote to start or shut the generator.

This remote can work within a distance of 8 feet.  Its engine is designed with iron. The running time of this generator is 12.5 hours. the running watts of this machine are 3500w and the starting watts are 4000w.

The size of the fuel tank is 4 gallons. It can be moved easily from one place to another with the help of folded handles and tires that never go flat.


  • It is quiet and does not have loud noise.
  • A generator is Fuel efficient.
  • It is Reasonable.
  • It runs on fuel
  • It has a recoil starting system.
  • It is Lightweight.
  • It is small in size so it does not require more space for storage.

5.) DuroMax XP-4400 Gas Powered Generator: (Less Noise)

DuroMax-XP-4400This is one of the amazing machines you will try to add to your assets lists. The DuroMax XP-4400 is a gas-powered generator. it can run heavy load appliances like ac, refrigerators, a load of lights means it can suit for you if you want many appliances to run on the generator.

It has a powerful engine of 208cc OHV so you can run sensitive as well as heavy appliances according to your need. Its starting watts are 4400w and running watts are 3500w.

Its running time is 11.42 hours. The capacity of its fuel is 3.96 gallons. It is well structured and has a handle that can be flipped after moving the generator.


  • It has a low oil shut-off feature so the generator shuts off when the oil level is low.
  • It is EPA approved.
  • The voltmeter feature is built into it.
  • It is Environment friendly.
  • It has an electrical and recoils start-up feature.
  • Its noise is low.
  • It runs on gas.
  • An Alert system is installed in this generator so if there is any maintenance issue will surely alert you.


The above five best portable generators under 500$ are listed along with their multiple features and characteristics which will surely help you in purchasing an economical generator under a reasonable budget. These all generators are very efficient and well structured. These all are designed considering the safety of the user and all listed generators are beneficial for you, full your needs, and minimize all your difficulties.

Buying Guide

Electricity is currently acting as the backbone of every country’s progress and it has become a necessity to such a great extent that it is nowadays being seen as synonymous to a comfortable lifestyle, moving further step electricity is not only confined within the boundaries of home and commercial use and is now continually growing to make an entry in the remotest areas of the world.

Power generation has been dramatically increased with the technological advancements but the fact that power outages and kick-outs still exist cannot be denied, given the natural disasters and storms, along with manual blackout and power shortage, the need for an additional power source cannot be overruled.

As the need for backup power sources couldn’t be questioned, so is the case with generators, their importance is also undeniable.

Generators are making life under power outage a bit less stressful by providing an alternate energy medium besides that from the utility lines.

The use of a generator, no doubt is a comfortable option but it has its own associated problems and the biggest one is that of incomplete combustion leading to the release of toxic carbon mono oxide killing human beings.

But these problems are significantly reduced if you ensure that you are getting the best generator that would be safer and ideal for use and to do that you must be aware of certain features and specifications which are given below.

Determine Your Power Needs:

Power consumption should be the foremost priority that must be given due consideration and should never be overlooked.

Determining your power needs will allow you to decide which generator at what wattage level will be the ideal match and this will also save your bucks by preventing you from spending your fortune on a high wattage generator particularly when all you have to do is to run an electric grill at the tailgate party.

Power needs will be calculated by determining the utilities that you have to perform in the absence of power from the utility line or at the tailgating party, for example when at the tailgating party you have to just warm some cooking racks and play a good video system than an average 1000 watt portable generator will be the ideal choice for you.

But if you are looking for a home standby generator to drive all the electrical appliances then a higher wattage device is a necessity such as a 22kw generator or other such high voltage generators.

Energy Source:

The driving source of energy of the generator is also a worthy consideration before its final purchase as it will allow you to decide the runtime and maintenance costs.

The most common generator energy sources or fuels are diesel and gasoline both have their own pros and cons and good enough numbers of generators are also coming with propane as the source of energy.

Gasoline is an environment-friendly option and it will also save your hard-earned money as it is a budget-friendly fuel option both in terms of maintenance cost and purchase but as a downside, it will not run for a long time which is the main reason for diesel-based generators.

Diesel has a long runtime and provides more wattage and power efficiency but it is relatively a costly option and also demands massive maintenance work which was not a cause of concern with gasoline fuel.

So whatever your need is you have to be sure whether you want to have a quick operation with a diesel generator or a budget-friendly and eco-friendly gasoline option.

Weight And Size:

The size and weight consideration if not given importance before buying the generator then it is no point to look for a portable generator as this is the feature that will be the ultimate decider of portability.

If you are looking for a portable generator then a lightweight and easy to carry the device on wheels be a good option but for that you might have to compromise on the high watts but if you want to have the higher watts no matter the weight and size of the generator then a wheel knit is a must-have accessory to make the generator portable and easy to maneuver around the house and even outdoor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Cheapest Generator To Run?

Pulsar PG2000 is is a cheap portable generator providing 1800 watt power to run as either an indoor home standby generator or a portable outdoor generator for tailgating and other commercial activities.

This generator has two variants one will be coming with an 1800 watts outlet and the peak wattage of this could be up to 2300 watts which is a good point to consider for purchase.

Can You Run A Portable Generator In A Shed?

Generators should never be placed inside the house or shed as the chances of catching fire will increase tenfold and in addition to that the carbon mono oxide produced as a combustion by-product will act as a silent killer for you if the generator is placed inside the shed.

If no one visits the shed it would be less dangerous though but it is not recommended to place it in a shed and should be avoided at the first hand.

What Is The Best Portable Generator For The Money?

Duro Star DS400S is a very efficient portable generator that is a very well worthy of purchase device and provide a power potential of 3300 watts with the gas fuels inside it that is it is a propane generator and therefore, you don’t have to be much worried of the maintenance cost either.

Can You Run A Generator Overnight?

The answer to this depends upon the power load, power consumption, and fuel capacity of the generator, but if only noise that a generator produces is given weightage it is recommended to not use the generator overnight, that will be the sign of being a good neighbor.

Running the generator overnight with half the workload is possible with many generators available in the market but for that, you have to calculate your workload and accordingly choose the wattage of the generator.

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