Best Portable Generator For RV Camping

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Best Portable Generator For RV Camping

Best Portable Generator For RV Camping

Looking for the Best Portable Generator For RV Camping? You’ve come to the right place.

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Camping is an outdoor activity which includes staying outside and spending time in a natural environment it is a distraction from the routine work and it gives us the opportunity to feel fresh and relax from the stress and develop new hobbies it has both physical and psychological benefits.

It was first done by THOMAS HIRAM HOLDING. In 1877 he camped with a canoe on a cruise in the Highlands of Scotland, and he made a similar trip the next year.

Portable Generators For RV Camping

Let us have a brief look at these Generators:

1. The Westinghouse WGen 5500: (Best Quality Portable Generator)

westinghouse-wgen5500-generatorThe Westinghouse WGen 5500 is the best quality portable generator with its great qualities such as it can work up to 20 hours without any resistance and light-weighted machinery which is 170lbs it consumes minimum gas which is good.

And it has a great capacity for holding great machinery for a large amount of time it is the best choice in an emergency situation.

It can be easily switched to the standard form providing power to the whole house.


It also includes amazing features as:

  • The generator is made up of a strong body and steel frame
  • Some heavyweight duty rolls and foam handles help in moving
  • it without any harm and its wheels are puncture-free which is a plus point and it can be drift on any surface without any fear.
  • Its rubbery surface protects it from other things which may deteriorate its functioning such as dirt.
  • Its running time is about 16 hours.
  • Its voice level is 72 lbs, it is as loud just like the sound of a vacuum cleaner.
  • Its daily maintenance can be done as there is a digital hour meter installed in its control panel.

Special Feature:

  • It has a special feature such as it started with a single push on a button which is remote control so you can easily start it without any physical effort.

Output Power:

This generator delivers 6,850 watts of energy which is enough to run many appliances such as two refrigerators, a freezer, a gas-heater, two sump pumps, lights, phones, a router, a computer, and a TV simultaneously. The Westinghouse WGen 5500 portable generator is EPA, CARB, and CSA compliant.

The user-friendly control panel contains the VFT Data Center program, which sends real-time updates on its recent operating status for easy protection and long service life. Several new changes are done to make it more effective.


What We Like
  • It is user friendly and easy to assemble
  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  • Can be operated easily.
  • It is durable.
  • It is easy to maintain
  • It is a CARB compliment.
  • Can run off gas fuel.
What We Don't Like
  • It has no electrical start push-up button.

2. Champion 8000-Watt Dual Fuel Portable: (Wonderful and Reliable Generator)

Champion 8000-Watt Dual Fuel PortableChampion 8000-watt dual fuel portable generator is another wonderful and reliable generator with a wide range of application range and some professional features.

It is a powerful machine that runs the food trucks and the event construction companies.


It has many special features

  • First of all, you can use it constantly for 9 hours nonstop.
  • It produces 8000 watts when used with gasoline it works with propane and gasoline and has different outcomes when used the different fuels
  • It has a capacity to store fuels up to 6 gallons.
  • It has both options you can start it manually with the pull option or electrical button.
  • It can do wonders at the freezing temperature and you can start it without any distress this is called the cold start technology that makes it a highly reliable and dual fuel portable generator and it can use for running many electrical devices.
  • The generator has an easy-pull recoil starter, so you’ll not face trouble while going outside as well as it also has push-button for electric start.

Special Feature:

  • One of its amazing features is that its THD technology which gives insight in the form of 12% to 20% this rating can tell you to power the electrical devices or sensitive devices such as TV, kitchen things safely which are normal use.

Output Power:

This generator Provides up to 8000 running watts & up to 10,000 starting watts on gasoline. Provides up to 7250 running watts & up to 9025 starting watts on other fuel.

The generator contains the Patented Fuel Selector Switch by which you can easily choose the fuel type. Its sound is a little higher than a vacuum cleaner.

Its physical features include wheels, a foldable handle, and an open frame, and its weights are a little good so it is sometimes not used as portable.

3. DUOROMAX XP4850EH: (Mainly for Household)

duromax-xp4850eh-generatorThe DUOROMAX XP4850EH is a generator it is used mainly for household and other professional works when there is a shortage of electricity.


  • It has many special features it is an easy start generator it has both options pull-start option as well as an electrical start.
  • It also works on the battery.
  • One of its features is its control center and you can easily see the processing all the time it has a voltmeter from which you can see the generator output and fuel usage.
  • Its light feature also indicates when the oil level is extremely low which is an advantage of this generator.
  • Its features include a wheel kit durable open frame constructions and foldable handles which makes it easy to carry with oneself when going out as well.

Output Power:

The fuel tank has a capacity of 4 gallons when working on gasoline for 10.42 hours and 8.92 hours on propane.

It has a total of three AC outlets with one receptacle and a DC outlet which is generally used to charge the batteries.

It is one of the economies friendly generators with great reliability and some amazing features which makes it unique and easy to use.

This kind of generator is used in the camping site but it has a great sound noise. Its THD rating is too high for sensitive devices.

4. The Westing house IGen 4500Df: (Premium Power Solution)

westinghouse igen4500df generatorThe Westinghouse iGen4500DF is one of the best Dual Fuel Inverter Generators which is a premium power solution to meet your portable power needs whether you’re camping or on the go.

It is another best quality portable generator that has many good features with advanced technology.


The following are some features:

  • Duel fuel feature with an output of almost 12 volts
  • It is a compact inverter generator.
  • It has low weight and so it can be used in different locations
  • It is easy to handle
  • It contains folded handles and it has a wheels kit which allows it to move easily from one place to another.
  • It has an electric as well as a remote starting option

Output Power:

It can work with gasoline and with propane it can work for 18 hours and has a capacity for a fuel tank for almost 3.4 gallons it works better on propane up to 14 hours and it can only consume 3.4 gallons of propane per hour.
It has a very minimum sound noise.

It is a better option for running sensitive electronic devices. It contains an Ac outlet and two Dc outlets which are used to charge the batteries and phone devices.

With its illuminated data center, you can easily monitor the performance and status of the generator and it provides information about the ratings and output levels, voltage, and fuel usage remaining run timing as well as its condition for further use.

5. Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel: (High Performing & Reliable)

Champion-3400-Watt-Dual-Fuel-generatorThe champion 3400-watt dual fuel inverter generator is another best option when used for the purpose of camping and another household service it is high performing and reliable when used for homes and in construction purposes.


  • It is an electrical start with a battery device
  • It has a special feature that can be used in cold temperatures which are called cold start technology.
  • The engine will run nonstop for 7-8 hours when used with gasoline.
  • It can work on both propane and gasoline.
  • It also has a recoil pull system that can be used when there is no charging in the battery.

Output Power:

The power output of this generator is 4500 peak watts, 3700 running watts, and runs for up to 18 hours on a 3.4 gal. gas tank moreover Enhanced fuel efficiency – variable engine speeds allow 30% to 50% higher fuel efficiency than a traditional generator.

Due to its total harmonic distortion rating below 3 percent, you can easily use this to run your sensitive electrical devices.

It has no great noise it has a normal sound production which makes it bearable for the use and the noise level is depending on the amount of load on the generator it is at the lowest when the quarter amount of load is up to the generator.

This generator is user-friendly with great reliability and a vast range of features when used for private use.

Buying Guide Best Portable Generator For RV Camping

Things to carry with Yourself during Camping:

There are certain things that are important to keep with you when going camping such as safety aid boxes, utensils, tents, ropes, portable stoves, flashlights, batteries, and sleeping bags, some tools for repairing items.

Some things for hygiene and clothing, and for electricity portable generator the list of things depends on the location and environment of the site as well as the duration of your camping.

Importance of Portable Generator:

Portable Generator is a very important and essential thing to carry within camping as it has very benefits due to the inventions and various types of it.

Electricity is a powerful and important necessity and our various things depend on it, so in camping to run our electrical devices it is important to have something which is easy to carry and which runs the electrical devices it is useful in any kind of adverse condition.

Advantages of Portable Generators:

In modern camping, you have seen that many campers have luxury items and they need a kind of generator that is not harmful and works effectively.

  • One advantage is that they are in small size so they can be carried anywhere easily in the car or back of the van.
  • The portable generator runs on gasoline, fuel, propane, and diesel so that it can be easily used in any environment
  • They cost less than the grounded generator.
  • A portable generator has advanced technology that is environmentally friendly and serves various functions and it makes camping easy.

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