Generac GP1200i Generator Review

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Generac GP1200i

Generac GP1200i

Are you breaking the web looking for a small-wattage generator that is suitable for the minimal power requirements for your outdoor activities?

Or are you tight on a budget but want to have a great generator that can fulfill your bare minimum needs of utility power then this is the right spot for you?

Generac GP1200i Generator Review

This is because we are here going to test and review the Generac GP1200i generator. This generator is a portable device that will give you a small wattage exactly needed for tailgating and camping.

So, what are you waiting for, let’s test this generator out and give you our thoroughly researched verdict about the appeal, efficiency, smooth sailing performance, effectiveness, and durability of this Generac GP1200i.

Specifications Generac GP1200i Generator:


Generac GP1200i will give you 1200 starting watts and 1000 running watts.

Fuel Type And Capacity:

Generac GP1200i like all other I-series generators runs on gasoline and the GP 1200i has the capacity of holding 1 gallon of fuel.


Three-year limited parts warranty on all residential units by Generac manufacturers while the 1-year limited warranty for commercial units.


Generac GP1200i has a runtime of 10.75 Hrs. at 25% Load which is reduced to 5.8 Hrs. at 50% load.

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This Generac GP1200i unit has a plethora of great features and specs that are almost similar to all the commercial Generac generators and thus you can enjoy the high-end tech of Generac in this entry-level gadget.

This unit is precisely not an entry-level device but since it has an affordable price with an entry-level tag and can be considered suitable for low-wattage needs it is placed in this category.

Based on the Generac technology vested in this generator you can easily have top-notch performance in this wallet-friendly unit.

The Generac 1200i has both the True Power Technology and the advanced Power Rush Technology that makes this device at par with the strong competitors by Westinghouse and other popular brands in the same price category.


This Generac generator has minimal power that is due to its low wattage strength. It has 1200 starting watts which are about half the running watts of the other I-series generators of Generac.

But you don’t have to worry about the low wattage of this generator because this is the ultimate reason you are looking out for this device.

The 1200 starting watts will give you 1000 running watts which are way more than many devices that have an enormous gap between the surge watts and running wattage.

The GP1200i will make use of its Advanced Power Rush Tech to boost the starting watts and this explains the reason why the difference between running and peak watts here only amounts to 200 watts.

With the power of 1000 watts, you are good enough to run a 12,000 BTU air conditioner and this means you can use this device very smoothly for your RV.

If you have several appliances in your RV that can’t be run simultaneously with this low-power generator then you can make use of its parallel kit to enhance your power.


You don’t have to worry about the runtime of this device at all because with a limited load to carry on its outlets, this generator is cool and calm enough to keep running for hours.

You can have 10.75 hours of continuous power with this tiny power backup tool. This 10.75 hours runtime is only available at 25% load carrying capacity and increasing the load to 50% will decrease the runtime by half will be around 5.8 hours.

Fuel Capacity:

Generac GP1200i generator is meant to be an extremely portable device with only 36 pounds of weight therefore having a large and bulky fuel tank doesn’t go with the overall concept here.

This cool and compact buddy will allow you to fill it with 1 gallon of gasoline fuel. With its smart and fuel-efficient engine, you can keep using it for a good enough 10.75 hours on the suggested load.

Noise Level:

The best thing about this generator is without a doubt its noise level. This generator is meant to be a silent performer that doesn’t disrupt your outdoor or wildlife activities.

It is also the best unit in consideration of your neighbors. The Generac GP1200i produces an extremely low level of noise that will give you glimpses of a silent device.

You can further reduce the noise level to a negligible value by turning on the ECO mode.

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Reason To Buy
  • Silent operation
  • Clean and stable power
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Low oil shutoff
Reason To Don’t Buy
  • Leakage issues
  • Technical issues with the oil sensor

Best Alternatives For Generac GP1200i Generator

1.) Champion Power Equipment 75537i:

This generator is a great option for Generac GP1200i. Its max power is 1200 watts, while its running wattage is 900 watts. Additionally, it features a feature called parallel capability that enables you to link two units for increased power.

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2.) WEN 56200i:

Another well-liked alternative for anyone looking for a portable power source is this generator. Its peak power is 2000 watts, while its running wattage is 1600 watts. It is also renowned for its fuel economy and quiet running.

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3.) DuroMax XP12000EH:

For individuals that require more power than the Generac GP1200i can offer, this generator is a fantastic choice. Its peak power is 12000 watts, while its running wattage is 9500 watts. In order to safeguard the engine, it also incorporates an electronic start option and a low oil shut-off sensor.

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DuroMax XP12000EH

The Bottom Line:

Generac GP1200i is an ECO-friendly unit that is the best choice for users looking out there for a compact and lightweight device with enough power to fulfill their needs. This affordable device will allow you to easily carry it along with you wherever you need to go.

You can also hook up two of these units to have increased wattage to fulfill your indoor needs. Its quiet operation makes it the best buddy of your neighbors who is not disturbed by the noise of a generator on your lawn or patio close to theirs. So what are you waiting for? Get your bucks ready and shop for this amazing power backing tool.

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