Generac 7677 GP3600 Portable Generator Review

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Generac 7677 GP3600 Portable Generator Review

 Just take a look at this one’s steel fuel tank and gauge. Generators can draw from the tank so many times in their lifetime, ensuring that you get your money’s worth out of this investment. We know that all your projects require a different amount of power to see how much you can get in our line of Generac generators here. Remember, owning a reliable generator becomes even more valuable when natural disasters are on their way. We offer free shipping nationwide too!

The Generac’s OHV engine provides durability and long run-time. Its splash lubrication system also ensures a longer engine life. In place of pump damage, Generac installed a low-oil shutdown switch that notifies the operator when the oil level is too low. Fuel gauge provides this information to ensure long run times during power outages, and prevent early wear and tear on the engine.

Features :

  • 3300 starting watts, 3600 running watts
  • Engine delivers over 40 percent more starting capacity than previous models
  • Low-oil shutdown minimizes engine wear
  • Large-capacity steel fuel tank and fuel gauge provides durability and long run times
  • Added features allow for easy maintenance and care and most importantly provides peace of mind that your generator will be ready when you need it
  • Over 40% more starting capacity than competitive models.
  • Delivers more power through upgraded inverter technology.
  • Runs quieter and provides a long engine life.
  • Easy starting with generator-mounted recoil pull-cord.
  • Operates for up to 11 hours on a half-gallon of gas.
  • OHV engine
  • Reduces noise pollution
  • Expensive 

When the power goes out, it’s up to you to protect your family. Generac’s 7.0 kW portable generator provides peace of mind and confidence during a power outage. This portable generator provides over 40% more starting power1 than previous models so it will power your lights, refrigerator, wireless communication devices, well pump, sump pump, home health care devices, and other essential appliances.

Additionally, Generac’s OHV engine operates on a “splash” system of lubrication, which provides a long engine life. Generac’s 7.0 kW portable generator delivers more starting power while using less fuel. With a 3-gallon fuel tank, you’ll have continuous power to run essential household appliances during an outage. If you need backup power for your home or job site, you can count on Generac.

This generator’s OHV engine is configured with a non-pressurized, splash lubrication system that ensures maximum longevity while operating in adverse conditions. Other innovative features include an auto-engage electric start that eliminates the need for pull-starting, a low-oil shutdown protection device, and a large-capacity fuel tank that provides the generator with an extended run time.

Conclusion :

Generac generator is a long-term companion of yours. This industrial-grade generator has a large-capacity steel fuel tank and a fuel gauge for added durability and convenience. Plus, with Generac’s Low-oil shutdown protection, you can rest assured that your generator will shut down safely in the event of low-oil levels.

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