What Size Generator Do I need For A Freezer And Refrigerator?

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What size generator do I need for a freezer and refrigerator

What Size Generator Do I need For A Freezer And Refrigerator?

What size generator do I need for a freezer and refrigerator?


Potential buyers have a ton of questions to ask themselves before the purchase of a generator that suits their requirements and fulfills them effectively.

There are questions like what size generator do I need for a freezer and refrigerator? What amount of wattage I am looking for? Should the generator involve portability? and whatnot.

The various requirements of the generators lie in their specific requirements. If you need a generator for your home, it would be equipped with a different set of features than that of the generator that runs best for freezers and refrigerators alone.

Steps To Consider:

List Requirements:

For getting the best-suited generator accordingly, it requires a certain type of procedure that provides you with clear judgment and identification of your needs. First, you got to make a list of the appliances you are planning to connect to the generator.

This helps you in getting the sum amount of wattage you will be looking for. For a generator size that is needed for the refrigerator and freezer, the models of the generators narrowed.

Calculate Required Wattage:

Secondly, seek a calculator to estimate the total voltage of all the freezers and refrigerators you would be running. The size of the generator is estimated by its wattage power.

This step requires considerate attention to differentiate the types of voltages you are measuring. The starting watts show the amount of power needed for the appliance to start.

The generators which are equipped with motors generally require more mount of wattage to start than those which are simply kick-off. The rated wattage shows the consistent supply of energy required to run the appliance.

For running and starting refrigerators and freezers, the required size of the generators will be 2200 watts. The rated wattage will be 1500 wattage to keep running the mentioned appliances.

Get Bigger Generator Than Required:

The third step advises looking for the generator that offers slightly more power wattage than is calculated. This helps to run the appliance smoothly without getting short on supply. The generator should never be run on the full load as it reduces the overall lifespan.

For running larger appliances like that of freezers and refrigerators, the size of the generator should be greater than 2200 starting watts and ratted watts of 1500 watts so that the generator backs up the sufficient electric supply in case of emergency and helps in running the scheduled appliances without getting worried about spoiling the things or getting disrupted by air conditioning.


If you are wondering about which size of the generator would help you in running your fridge or refrigerator that keeps running consistently and without getting disrupted, and also your food won’t go bad; it is necessary to look for the appropriate fit of the generator.

Standrd Refrigerator Generator:

The general standard size to run the refrigerator is ranked around 2000 starting watts which will able you to power a medium-sized modern refrigerator with great ease. However, the types of fridges and refrigerators vary in their wattage requirement and power consumption.

Modern technology includes the lower power consumption of around 300 to 400 watts while the old technology has huge compressors requirements and starts at a bigger power supply of 300 to 1200 watts.

Factors To Look Into:

Another aspect to look into is the addition of the freezer with the refrigerator unit. This then requires a step amount of power adding 80 to 100 watts more to the originally required numbers. The requirements and modifications of the refrigerator don’t end upon the size or wattage, it considers the advanced technology of various sensors or control panels which then have microprocessors built in.

These requirements are then fulfilled with inverter generators that have less harmonic distortion than regular ones which can cause damage to microprocessors.

Range Of Wattage:

For further clarity in choices, the rough power consumption of various types of refrigerators can be of great help. The mini-fridge requires the running wattage of the ranking of 85-100 watts while the starting wattage of 12-150 watts. The inverter generators aren’t fit for these refrigerators.

The smart fridges include the starting wattage of 250 to 500 watts while running wattage of 375 to 750 watts. The inverter generator can be utilized comfortably.

Under-Counter Refrigerator consists of running wattage of 90 to 140 Watts and starting wattage of 120 to 210 Watts with a no-go on inverter generators.

Modern Fridge requires starting wattage of 100 – 400 Watts and running wattage of 150 – 600 Watts. The inverter generators can run these kinds of fridges.

The Side-by-Side Fridge requires 792 W starting watts and 1,188 watts of rated wattage. The inverter generators can be used for these refrigerators.

The Refrigerator of Showcase category requires starting wattage of 210 W and running wattage of 315 W, whereas inverter generators aren’t a preferred choice of these generators.

Old Type of Fridges requires starting wattage of 200 – 800 W and a ratted wattage of 300 – 1,200 W with no availability of inverter generators.


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