What Size Generator Do I Need For Power Outage?

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What Size Generator Do I Need For Power Outage

What Size Generator Do I Need For Power Outage

Need Of Generators:

The invention of generators has led to numerous power solutions like the need for electricity at outdoor events where there are minimal to no electric arrangements, powering your RV, and most importantly, in the need of power outages.

Power outages are one of the global concern issues that can be unexpected, caused to due natural disasters, or the country’s poor electrical supplying policies.

For eliminating such uncertain events and enjoying uninterrupted schedule activities, generators are the optimal solutions.

The size of generators hence defers for different requirements and needs providing a suitable fit for each circumstance to face. 

What Size Generator Do I Need For Power Outage?

So, what size generator do I need for a power outage? The size of the generators is then estimated as per the needs of a certain consumer. The homeowners that need to back up their full house appliances need the size of 10000 to 12000 watts power output, whereas those who demand to power the essential appliances in the need of crisis such as light availability and air conditioning may then limit the size of the generator up to 2000 to 3000 watts that are then rank under affordable category section.

Setting Of Requirements:

The power outages may be vast and maybe for a few moments, it is then important to see your needs to select the best fit as per desires. Not large enough that demands higher maintenance requirements and not small enough that can then restrict you from powering up few to no appliances.

Suggested Generators For Power Outage

  • In case of a power outage, if you are looking for a power backup that can run the entire house appliances then Durostar DS12000EH Portable Generator is an optimal choice with 12000 watts of maximum power supply.
  • Generac 7676 GP8000E Portable Generator is the best fit for limited necessary appliances they are required to run constantly. 

Generac 7129 GP3000i Inverter Generator falls under an affordable category price range with powerful backup in power outages and electricity failure.


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