How Long Should I Run My Generator For Maintenance?

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How Long Should I Run My Generator For Maintenance?

How Long Should I Run My Generator For Maintenance?

If you live in a region where power outages are common like the areas hit hard by the seasonal hurricanes and winter energy breaks, then owning a generator is a must-have formality for you.

With the hurricane and power outage seasons getting going, the generators are left neglected, and when the next season arrives these devices are no longer in a position to support you with backup power in case of power breakdown. 

So, what should be done in this situation? Should you opt for a new generator each season? Well, this is not an economical and feasible solution and you should rather look for ways to ensure your generator is in a good enough condition to be used for years to come. 

Now, this seems like an easy peasy task to keep your generator in a good shape but it is not very different from easy said than done.

You need to know the proper maintenance schedule of your generator and some cool tips that will help you out in maintaining the working conditions of your generator or rather improves it to a certain extent. 

So, without any further ado, let us head straight to know how long I should run my generator for maintenance. Read our review guide to get the answer to your much-desired questions. 

How Long Should I Run My Generator For Maintenance?

To keep your generator working from season to season you just simply have to run your generator from time to time. If you leave your generator unused after utilizing it once at your camping site months ago then you should know that it won’t be properly operating the next time you need some power backup source. 

This is because when not in use continuously, the internal components run dry and low oil makes it difficult to start your engine.

To maintain it in operational condition you should test run it time and again to ensure its engine has sufficient oil in it and is usable before you use it for your power supply. 

Given below is a quick rundown of some necessary tips you need to cater for keeping your generator operational:

  • The internal parts of the generator need to be always lubricated, therefore, properly maintaining a certain engine oil level. 
  • Regularly change the batteries if your generator is battery-driven and not gasoline or fuel. 
  • Take good care of the carburetor and make sure it is not gummed up. 
  • Test run your generator by putting some load to carry to see if it can be used or not when needed. 
  • Always take care of the maintenance schedule of your engine to ensure it can work before you ever need it. 

Now that you have gone through some maintenance tips, you need to know how often should these maintenance services be done and how long should they be carried out. Read our coming passages to get your awaited answers. 

How Long Should I Run My Generator For Maintenance?

The answer to this query is a simple one and it depends to a certain extent, upon the type of generator you are using. If you are using a portable generator which is mostly the case in recent times, you should run your generator for a time good enough to reach its operating temperature. 

You need to know the operating temperature of your generator and it can vary according to the type and loading capacity of your generator. You don’t have to run your generator for a few minutes and then take it as your due diligence but rather run it for about 20 or more minutes (in the case of a portable generator). 

How Often Should I Run My Generator For Maintenance?

After getting to know the ideal run time for maintenance, you must be looking forward to knowing how often the procedure should be repeated.  For good enough maintenance to keep your generator operating, you can test-run it every 3rd month. 

You should at the very least run your generator every 3 months to keep it operational but if you want to have its performance optimized you can consider running it once every month. In a nutshell, running your generator several times a year will keep it in good condition and valid enough for letting you use your generator in the upcoming hurricane season. 

Final Words:

You need to run your generator a couple of times throughout the year to ensure that your generator’s engine has sufficient engine oil and that all its parts are thoroughly lubricated. You can run your generator once every month or after 3 months for about 20 minutes for a portable generator.

If you are not using a portable generator, you can run it for a time equal to reaching the operating temperature of your generator. Following this maintenance schedule will keep your generator useable after years of service

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