How To Keep Generator Battery Charged?

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How To Keep Generator Battery Charged

How To Keep Generator Battery Charged

A battery is a necessary thing for any electric gadget that is not using the grid power supply.

Some products that are running on fuel instead of the battery may not need the battery for running the motor of that gadget or device but starting its engine to work is the task a battery has to get done.

If your device’s battery is dead you can’t even dream of starting your device even when there is surplus fuel available.

For instance, you can take the example of your car or other vehicles that are driven by the petrol or other fuels in your fuel tank. But when the car batteries die, the engine won’t be starting even when the fuel tank is thoroughly refilled.

The same goes for generators, a generator battery provides it with the necessary charge to start the function and let the power supply pass through the generator outlets. But what will happen if the battery is not properly charged?

Obliviously you won’t be able to start your generator and would have to spend your time in the dark in case of a power outage despite having a heavy-duty generator by your side.

Therefore, it is important to keep your generator battery charged and check it time and again to ensure it is not draining abnormally or has some issues with producing enough charge to start the generator.

So, the question might arise in your mind that how to keep your generator battery charged, particularly when you are out on a trip away from home with no power supply source except the generator itself.

Read our article till the end to get answers to your questions.

How To Keep Generator Battery Charged?

The most typical and the most common method used to keep your battery charged is by powering it with the engine power. When the car engine is running the battery will be fully charged.

Similarly, the running generator will eventually charge your battery and you won’t have to worry about recharging it manually.

Most portable generators use car batteries for starting the operation and these batteries can be very conveniently charged by the generator itself.

Now coming back to the situation where there is a battery severely depleted and your engine won’t start, then you can’t rely on this automatic recharging method and would have to look for other ways to tackle your situation.

There is a little trick employed by car drivers to start the engine when the battery is dead and according to reliable sources, you can start the generator power in the same way as you do for a car since the battery used in both devices is pretty much the same.

You can jump-start your dead batteries and they will produce enough charge to run the engine. Once the engine is powered on you won’t have to worry about manual recharging methods and your engine power will automatically refill the dyed battery.

If you are not familiar with the method to jump-start your car or generator battery you can follow the given guidelines to do so.

  • Take out your battery terminals and reconnect them in reverse order than before. That is to say that you would have to connect the positive terminal of the battery with the positive terminal of the engine power cord. Similarly, hook the negative terminal with the negative end.
  • After connecting your terminals with the same signs, try starting your device. It may not start immediately therefore, try a few times until enough charge is stored in the battery to jump-start your engine.


This trick of jump start may not work well for all generators and it may also lead to more harm to your battery as it would be completely depleted.

Therefore it is not a recommended method and should only be employed when no alternate way is available.
If you have a Tickle charger with you, you can manually recharge your battery anywhere even in outdoor environments.

You can also use a generator battery charger which is an affordable tool available at amazon and all other leading retail points.


A generator needs a battery to start its operation just like a car or other vehicles. The running engine or motor will automatically keep the battery recharged and you won’t have to manually recharge it. But when not in use, the battery may get depleted to a level where it won’t produce the necessary charge for starting the engine.
In that case, you can use a Tickle charger or a generator battery charger to keep your battery recharged. If these tools are not available at hand then you can try to jump-start your battery but it can be a risky process, to begin with.

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