What Size Generator Do I Need For A 1500 Square Foot House?

What Size Generator Do I Need For A 1500 Square Foot HouseLooking for a suitable generator for your 1500 square foot house? You are surely in the right place for appropriate guidance and guide. The home generators are usually considered to power a whole lot of electronics as household materials majorly rely on that. The generators are then expected to back up the entire range of electronics ranging from smaller light circuits to bigger kitchen appliances mainly including refrigerators and microwave ovens. 

Estimation Of Required Wattage:

For choosing the right size of the generator, the first and foremost step includes calculating the estimated watts that are required by every appliance which will be powered by the generator. Second, keep the estimate in mind and look for the generating offering a few higher watts power supply so that the backup will be secured and complete.

Size Of The Generator:

The right size generator for a 1500-square foot house that may include light circuits, air conditioners, electrical kitchen appliances, and televisions ranges to a 10000-watt backup generator. This then covers all the necessary and additional units in the house that the user planned on connecting to the generator.

Important Features:

The homeowners will be looking for further features to look into the generator for convenience building. The features such as portability around the house or outdoor in the garage area, the noise level as the houses are mostly built around each other while sharing a common fence; this then includes the ethical boundary to follow such as not disturbing your neighbors with the generator distortion level, and lastly the battery time to re-fuel the generator again to keep it running.

Suggested Generators For 1500 Square Foot House:

Generators that matched all the necessary and basic requirements of potential buyers include the model Westinghouse WGen9500DF.The Westinghouse is proved to be the best choice for homeowners as it provides 1000 watts power supply with minimum distortion level and maximum running time.

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