Where Are Caterpillar Generators made?

Where are Caterpillar Generators madeWhere are Caterpillar generators made?


CAT which is short for Caterpillar is a versatile company offering a wide variety of necessary equipment, products, footwear, merchandise, attachments, parts, power systems and work wears. The product quality succeeds in matching with perfection and eliminates any room for complaints from the side of customers. CAT, besides its range of products, offers six more different industries that serve various sectors of development. These sectors include CAT defense, electrical power generation, oil and gas industry, marine, OEM solutions, and industry of construction.


With precision manufacturing, the customers can be eager to know the origin of Caterpillar generators by questioning that where are Caterpillar generators made? The answer to this question leads us to Midwest with other manufacturing plants located in Russia, China, and Brazil. Since the start of the company in 1925, the CAT (Caterpillar) generators offer reliable power output with their powerful, heavy-duty, and large manufactured generators.


The new RP Series Line of the portable CAT generators is designed for everyday use as these generators, in the past, majorly deals with the construction of heavy-duty generators. This generator line allows the wattage range of 3.6 to 7.5 kW with further variety in all the models.


The technical minds of the engineers have invested wisely in designing the CAT generators resulting in a sturdy, compact and stable unit. The portability, safety, reliability of the generators is done due to thick steel construction, heavy-duty never flattening wheels, OHV powerful engine, automatic charging battery, oversized tank for 15 hours of run time, compact wiring for minimizing safety hazards, foldable handles, and many more.


The further advanced features for the CAT generators include control panels that are easy to read and handle, set enclosures, fuel tanks that are highly adjustable to the generators, and a technically infused structure for adding to precision and accurate calculation. The advance built is what makes the generators the best in their line.

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