Can You Use A Surge Protector With A Generator?

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Can You Use A Surge Protector With A Generator

Can You Use A Surge Protector With A Generator

Power failures not only threaten the normal working of your life but they may also be detrimental to the electric appliances at your home as well as the utility power wiring in the home.

This is because power failures and power outages lead to fluctuations in the voltage and the power surges and spikes will cause severe damage to appliances and there will be major threats of electrocution. Thus power failures don’t only pose the challenge of comfort and discomfort but also safety and danger.

You might only be interested in keeping your lights on during the power outage but the surges in power may lead to a disastrous situation. So what should be done? Should your abandon using the power supply during power failures and give up the idea of using power backup sources? Well, this is not a reasonable nor a feasible choice as you have to keep your business and home running power is an absolute necessity that can’t be overlooked.

Therefore, you have to look for ways to protect against power surges and prevent fluctuations. This can be done by using a surge protector. You can use a surge protector normally with your utility or grid power supply for guarding against the fluctuating voltage but the question arises that whether you can use the same surge protector with generators or not.

To get an answer to this query and know Can You Use a Surge Protector with a Generator you would have to read our review article till the very end and get answers to your questions and resolve your worries.

Can You Use A Surge Protector With A Generator?

A surge protector is an essential item that most homes have for safeguarding their sensitive electronic appliances. Every household uses the surge protector to prevent damage from voltage surges and spikes. But what happens when you use a generator during a power blackout?

You need to if you can use a Surge Protector with a generator and how you can do so for optimally running your generator and protecting your electronic gadgets.

A surge protector is easily used with a generator and you should always connect your generator with a surge protector as voltage spikes can happen when shifting between the grid power supply and the generator supply. The type of generator will determine the necessity of a surge protector and some generators need them more than others.

For example, a portable and conventional generator is more likely to face voltage spikes and surges than commercial heavy-duty generators. Therefore if you have a portable generator at home you should necessarily connect it with surge protection to have a safe and stable power supply.

On the very contrary, if you are making use of an inverter generator at home, the need for a surge protector will not be as vital as the portable one for you. The reason for this is the low reputation of power surges and spikes.

Do A Surge Protector Work With A Generator?

Now that you are aware that you can use a surge protector with a generator, you must be wondering if it will work in a similar fashion as with the grid power supply. Therefore read our coming passages to know the working of a surge protector with the generator.

A surge protector will be attached to your generator and this will prevent any damage to the electronic devices attached to your generator power supply line. Now, you must be looking for the answer to your question that whether it will be the same as your utility power or not.

Well, the answer is very straightforward and depends upon the outlet you are using. If you are running your generator on the standard 120V outlet, the surge protector attached to the household outlet can be the same.

This is because the standard generator outlet is of 120V and an ordinary household outlet will also supply 120V of voltage. Therefore, the surge protector will be working the same for both grid power and generator power.

For all those users who like to know the differences between the power strips and power surge protectors, you need to know that they are different and not the same product. A power strip will not be capable of guarding against the power surges while the surge protectors can do so.

The Bottom Line:

In this review article, we have briefed you about the use of a surge protector and its working for a household outlet and the generator power supply. A surge protector will be safeguarding the household appliances against power and voltage fluctuations allowing you to enjoy a safe and stable power supply.

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