Generac GP3000i Generator Review

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Generac GP3000i

Generac GP3000i

If you are looking for a portable yet economical generator then Generac might be the best stop for you.

Generac mid-range portable generators are affordable and efficient power backup sources that will be the best choice for tailgate parties, camping, and recreational vehicles.

Generac GP3000i Review

Generac GP3000i is one such great generator that is the best choice for all those peeps looking for a medium-wattage generator.

So, let us dig deep into the features and specifications of Generac GP3000i to know if is it worth the choice for your household or not.



Generac GP3300i portable generator has starting wattage of 3000 watts while its running watts are 2300.

Fuel Type and Capacity:

This is another gasoline-powered generator with a fuel capacity of 1.06 Gal, which is equal to 4 liters of gasoline fuel.


Generac covers 3 3-year consumer limited warranty for residential products and has a 1-year limited parts warranty for commercial generators under the banner of Generac.

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Generac GP3300i has a runtime of 4.5 Hrs. at 50% Load which is increased to 5.8 Hrs. at 25% load.


Generac generators are great quality products that cover the whole market of both commercial and residential units.

You can ask for a heavy-duty, well-built fuel-efficient generator from Generac but you can also find yourself a robust, sturdy, and compact Generac generator that gives amid range wattage.

Generac GP3000i generator is one such residential unit that produces medium-range wattage and lets you use this awesome generator in your RVs, at your camping, and at tailgate parties.

This is because all of these outdoor events don’t require you to have a commercial standard generator that produces more than the required wattage. GP3000i is a durable and reliable purchase and will prove its worth over time.


Power generation or the wattage capacity is the most basic feature that determines whether an item is a worthy purchase or not.

Generac GP3000i produces 3000 starting watts and the running watts are reduced to 2300 watts which means this generator is good enough to run your appliances under 2k watts.

Furthermore, the Generac Gp3000i features a Power Rush Technology that gives it 50% enhanced power to produce more starting watts than a similar generator without this technology.

The power dial of the Generac GP3000i generator features a start, stop and run. You can use these features to control the operation of your Generac generators.

This 2300 running wattage is sufficient enough to power all of your motor gadgets including RV air conditioners, microwaves, refrigerators, and the rest of motor-driven electric equipment.


The runtime of the Generac GP3000i generator is directly dependent on the load that you have put on it. If you are using 25% of the maximum load that Generac GP3000i can hold, the runtime of the generator will be 5.8 hours.

But if you are using the 50% load then this runtime will be reduced to only 4.5 hours. Increasing the load to 75% will further decrease the runtime but will not be detrimental to the engine.

But if you try to overload the generator or use more appliances than the carrying capacity of the Generac GP3000i it will be disastrous for the generator.

But worry not Generac takes into consideration this feature and provides you with safety mechanisms. The circuit breakers on the Generac GP3000I will automatically be switched off preventing any serious damage to the engine.

Fuel Capacity:

The Generac GP3000i is a generator suited to limited loads and therefore it doesn’t need a large fuel tank that can keep your generator running for days.

The fuel tank capacity of this generator is only 1.06 gallons which equal 4 liters of gasoline fuel. You should know that Generac GP3000i is a gasoline-powered generator.

Noise Level And Economy Mode:

The Generac GP3000i has a quieter engine operation that produces only 68 decibels of noise when at 50% load. Increasing the load will proportionally increase the engine noise. You can also run your Generac GP3000i generator on economy mode.

This economy mode will automatically adjust the engine performance, RPM, speed, and other processes to reduce fuel consumption and save fuel.

The economy mode will also produce less noise due to fuel-efficient engine performance.

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Reason To Buy
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Plenty of safety features
  • Quiet engine performance
  • Multiple outlets
Reason To Don’t Buy
  • Doesn’t come with wheels or a cart
  • Doesn’t have a fuel gauge

The Bottom Line Generac GP3000i Generator

Generac GP3000i is an affordable mid-range generator that is the top choice for campers, tailgaters, and RV owners. This generator gives you advanced power rush technology that is patented by Generac to enhance the starting watts. It also features true power technology to give you clean power and is a durable and portable generator that is the perfect choice for medium-sized families. If you are tight on the budget yet want to have the best bang for your buck, the Generac GP3000i will surely be the best choice for you.

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