How Long Can A Generac Generator Run Continuously?

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How Long Can A Generac Generator Run Continuously

How Long Can A Generac Generator Run Continuously

Generators are now not a luxury but a necessity and have become integral to the continuous power supply at home and outdoor events.

Generators have been used for decades as the primary power source in camping parties, campfires, tailgates, and even construction sites where grid power is not installed yet.

Generators are not limited to outdoor sites but are also a major secondary power source in homes, particularly in areas where power failures and outages are common.

If you live in a region where power shortage is a common phenomenon then you must have heard of the significance of a powerful generator for your daily life activities. But the best of the generator can only be received if it is capable of withstanding all the hours of a power outage.

This may or not be possible depending upon the hours your grid supply is cut off. In any case, having a long-running generator that is fuel-efficient, can withstand heavy loads, and has strong safety features is the best generator you can ask for.

But how will you decide on the fuel efficiency and the runtime of a generator? That’s to say a runtime of how many hours will be needed to take a generator as a good one?

The answer depends upon the type of generator you are using as well as the brand or its manufacturing firm.

How Long Can A Generac Generator Run Continuously?

Generac generators are powerful products that are being used by hundreds of customers across the globe and are thought to be the best among heavy-duty as well as affordable generators.

Generac generators are great among commercial generators and they have a satisfactory feature that covers all the requirements to make them the best products.

Taking the runtime of a generator into account before deciding on its final purchase is a necessary feature as you have to know how many hours can your generator power last when the utility power is cut off.

For instance, imagine living in North or South Carolina where a powerful storm hits the coast and the state grid power is temporarily cut off.

You will be left curious about the restoration of the utility power, especially when your generators are not good enough to withstand long hours.

Therefore, it is crucial to know how many hours your generator will last so that you can plan and divide your power load accordingly.

This is important because if you don’t consider the runtime of your generator and leave it on with your whole house load, it will go dry within a few hours and then you will have to spend the rest of your time in the dark waiting for the utility power to be restored.

But if you know the runtime you can divide a load of only necessary appliances to be used for a long time let’s say for 10 or 12 hours and this will take care of power failure and will not hinder your daily activities even in the absence of utility power. Here is a detailed review available for you about How Much Is A Generac Generator.

Now, let’s talk about the runtime of these Generac generators that has made them the apple of the eyes of commercial enterprises and households in need of secondary power sources.

How Long Can A Generac 16kw Generator Run Continuously?

A Generac 16Kw generator runs on a 16000 LP or NG single-phase tank and it produces enough power that is good enough to run almost all necessary appliances in your home.

It can power a central air-conditioner and many small air conditioners along with several other appliances at a time. You can run 5-ton AC with a Generac 16KW generator.

The continuous power supply depends upon the capacity of your fuel tank. You can choose either 24, 48, or 72-hour tanks, and depending upon the fuel tank, you can continuously run the generator.

You can refill the tank to resume its working and restore the power in your home. A typical 16 KW generator will be good enough for 12 to 18 hours of continuous use.

How Long Can A Generac 22kw Generator Run Continuously?

A 22KW Generac generator is a heavy-duty device sufficient to provide you a whole-house coverage.

You may need to run your 16KW generator on a 50% load to increase the runtime and reduce fuel consumption but a 22 KW Generac generator gives you full house coverage where you wouldn’t have to discriminate between the grid power and the generator power, only if you can afford the enormous fuel consumption.

A 22,000-watt generator will run your Air conditioner, refrigerators, lights, fans, kitchen appliances, cleaning appliances, and the rest.

You can use the same number of appliances with a Generac 22KW generator as you were using with the utility power for a medium-sized home or a family of 8.

If your generator is running on a 500-gallon tank (propane) you can use a 22KW generator for 24 hours for a whole week. And with the 1000-gallon tank, you can enjoy the continuous power supply for 2 weeks.

Although this generator can be used for a whole day it is recommended to take a break after 15 to 18 hours to prevent overheating of the engine.

How Long Can A Generac 24kw Generator Run Continuously?

The runtime of a 24KW generator is no different than a 22KW generator as it depends upon the fuel tank and not the wattage itself.

The wattage will determine how much load your Generac generator can carry. With a 24KW generator, you can run 2 5-ton AC units, central heating or cooling system, a refrigerator, fridge, coolers, lights, printers, a desktop system, and much more. It gives you whole-house coverage.

A 24KW generator can run continuously for 24 hours for 2 weeks if it is running on a 1000-gallon propane tank and with a 500-gallon tank, the runtime will be reduced to a week.

Please read How Many BTUs Is A 24kw Generac Generator?

These heavy load generators can be used for long durations lasting until the fuel is in their tanks but the engine performance will start wearing after continuous use of 12 to 18 hours.

The typical runtime of 15 to 18 hours for continuous use is the general time a Generac generator engine can withstand without overheating in its optimum conditions.


A Generac generator can run continuously for long hours and its runtime depends on the fuel tank capacity. With a 1000-gallon tank, a generator is good enough to last you 2 weeks during a power outage, and with 500 gallons you can last for a week. The wattage of these generators will determine the load-carrying capacity and a 16 KW generator gives you 50% carrying capacity while a 22 or 24 KW Generac generator features whole-house coverage with 100% load.

Although all of these generators (16,22 and 24 KW) can run continuously for 24 hours with sufficient fuel it is important to take a break and let the engine rest for optimum performance and prevent damage to the engine due to overheating.

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