What Size Generator Do I Need For Power Tools?

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What Size Generator Do I Need For Power Tools

What Size Generator Do I Need For Power Tools?


Being a professional trader or a weekend warrior, the generator is a must need for your toolkit. But the question stands what size generator do I need for power tools when there is a massive range to choose from and for a variety of tools?


Renovators are subject to daily power challenges and require a reliable solution. Portable generators are the optimal solution for outdoor activities. The different varieties of generators needed to be narrowed down for providing a reliable machine.

What Size Generator Do I Need For Power Tools?

The first step includes the estimation of the amount of power required for the tools to run and start them. The starting output might be 3 to 4 times more or greater than the rated output. Another consideration lies with the categories of tools which are larger trade tools for professional worksites and smaller power tools.


The larger trade tools that are used on professional worksite includes brick saws, compressors, pumps, welders, and commercial pressure washers. These appliances are then needed heavy-duty power supply generators ranging in size from 8000 watts with a rated wattage of 4600 watts. The best generator recommendation is Powerlite 8kVA Petrol Generator which provides sufficient energy solutions for large and small power tools.

The second type of power tool falls under the category of smaller power tools needed for home jobs. These majorly include regular jigsaws, sanders, hand drills, saws, etc.

The small generators are the suitable solution for such requirements which can extend the work with long extension leads around the garden as well.

The required sized generators are 3000 watts. Yamaha EF2800i is a multi-use generator due to its versatility delivering 2800 watts and 2500 watts running wattage. The generator runs for 17 hours straight at quarter load operating efficiently. This compact and portable generator is a perfect choice to run your power tools.

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